Back from Australia!

I figured it was about time you heard from the other side of this running duo. Yes, I was lavishly gallivanting in Australia, while Reuben was abandoned in the cold, forced to complete grueling workouts all alone. Poor guy!

I, much to some people’s surprise, did in fact workout while down under and found some great running routes with Patrick in the sweltering 45 degree heat. Together we battled water (or the lack thereof), the subsequent fainting episodes, the millions of flies, and some sketchy sleeping quarters (we avoided bed bugs thankfully), and while doing so, undoubtedly had the time of our lives. I was sad to come home. Patrick, who will be meeting us in Africa as our support runner, is now abandoned in the heat, forced to complete grueling workouts all alone. Poor guy! 

Upon my return Reuben and I completed three marathons in three days. Starting off our third marathon barely able to walk out of the driveway, I felt strangely comparable to a squashed, half-dead ant, leglessly rolling to its death and yet still attempting to bring it’s last leaf to the hill. I kept thinking to myself, “Why don’t you just accept your mortality, stop running, and let your premature death take you while relaxed!” But apparently both Reuben and I have inherent ant-like genetics, because we kept squirming! And this time we managed to live through it! YAY! 

We appreciate your interest in our crazy project and thank you for all your support. We promise to keep you up to date on all our developments. Please contact us anytime; encouraging emails get us through the long runs. And for all those local Victoria supporters, always remember to honk if you see us running down the street. 


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