February Blahs

If we had to describe February in one word, “painful” would be an appropriate adjective. January’s overwhelming training schedule combined with the stress of sponsorship and marketing, has forced us both to redefine the word exhaustion. And as February is the hardest training month of our program, there is no rest in sight. 

Our current sleeping patterns are evidence to the extent of our fatigued state. Reuben and I fall asleep everywhere and anywhere! Highlights include bus stops, doctor’s offices, classrooms and even while in the shower! Sleeping through alarms is a recurring, daily crisis for us both. And our eating habits are through the roof. We both have graduated to using a serving spoon to feed ourselves and have abandoned the skill of chewing. It takes too long. Reuben and I find ourselves having 2am, mid-sleep conversations with Scott and Patrick, our faithful supporters, who somehow provide enough perspective to keep us going. There have been many desperate calls to friends and family whose support and encouragement have been overwhelming in the past few weeks. 

But as much as these past few weeks have been utterly grueling, they have definitely brought us back to the essence of the project. The endless workouts, the physical pain and the absolute mental exhaustion have left us asking why. Why are we doing this? And the answer to this question leads us back to the core of this crazy adventure- it’s for Raletti (left), a 13 year old, club foot Kenyan determined to become a lawyer to fight for disabled kids. It’s for Nasusui, a brilliant 12 year old, disabled mother, who might one day be able to attend school. It’s for the dignity of a deserved people, who struggle daily with poverty, AIDS and corruption. 

And suddenly that makes it all worth it. So with the faces of African children in our minds, we keep running. After all, if they can find the strength to persevere, so can we. 

(For all of you who have spent some time in Africa and have met some cool kids that could inspire Reuben and I in our running, we would to hear from you!)

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