6000 calories a day!

Phew; here we are, one week after the grueling undertaking of our most intense training week yet: four back-to-back marathons. And I’m feeling great!
Last week Thursday Erin and I set out at 6.00am on the first marathon, with the knowledge that three more would quickly follow. Yet, strangely enough neither of us were worried; we had a great run that took us just under four hours and then a great day of calorie cramming!

Now for anyone who knows Erin or I personally, you’ll also know that neither of us are very big or very consistent eaters. I can remember back to our high-school days where the two of us would sit flanking either side of the hallway, legs stretched out carelessly into the path of those walking by with our little bags of snacks to share. Those lunch-bag suprises were not those expected of your regular teenagers, but instead we would take bird-appropriate bags of seeds, maybe some nuts and individual avacados, or bananas that we would tear in half and eat like monkeys- digging our fingers down the centre, dividing each half into three individual segments.
However, that Thursday and each day following our marathon we would attempt to intake (as recommended by our Athletic Therapist) the intimidating number of 6000calories. YOWZA.

Reuben’s Attempt of 6000 calories: 
-Peanut butter Bioprotein bar 
-500 ml bottle of Perpetuam endurance fuel 
-Banana #1 
-Large glass of chocolate milk 
-Boiled egg #1 
-Boiled egg #2 
-Toast with peanut butter #1 
-Toast with peanut butter #2 
-Banana #2 
-An ENTIRE chocolate letter (and it was a W too) 
-Arthur’s Gogi Berry Smoothie 
-Bagful of salted nut mix 
-Tuna melt #1 
-Serving bowl of spaghetti 
-Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
-Tuna melt #2 
-Bowl of icecream 
-Bowl of cereal

Erin’s Attempt of 6000 calories:
-Bowl of cereal
-1/2 of a Peanut Butter Bioprotein bar
-Large glass of chocolate milk
-Boiled egg #1
-Boiled egg #2 
-Toast with peanut butter #1 
-Toast with peanut butter #2 
-Banana #2 
-Arthur’s Gogi Berry Smoothie x2
-Blueberry muffin
-Bowl of Cottage Cheese
-Bowl of wonton soup x3
-Sushi veggie roll
-Sushi tuna roll
-Massive bowl of yogurt
-Blueberry muffin #2

Do you think we bagged the 6000?

…not even close!

Reuben and Erin

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