14 days to go!

Last Saturday officially marked the conclusion of our training program! Whoohoo! We finished the program with a bang, running five marathons in six days. Although we developed an intense loathing for the monotonous routes that we have run repeatedly over the past six months, Reuben and I came out of this training program miraculously uninjured. And the craziest thing of all is that we still love it. We might have run 210km last week, but still we itch to get on our shoes, find the trail, and pound it out. Weird!

The decreased training mileage has allowed Reuben and I to dabble in luxuries that have been virtually inaccessible during the last six months. We are now able to sleep in until the coveted hour of 7:00am, we have the time and energy to actually attend class, and we can open a book without falling asleep!

Reuben and I chuckle when we consider the extreme learning curves we’ve been exposed to as a result of this project: buying shoes every five weeks, finding ‘bathroom’ stops on epic 42km jaunts, dealing with 10 purple toenails alongside designing websites and asking multi-million dollar corporations for sponsorship. We have been busy! And public speaking has recently been added to this list! In the last three months Reuben and I have both been thrown into crowded rooms that want to be inspired by two extremely young, fanatical runners. Intimidating? Yes. But it is worth it. Public speaking has given the local community the opportunity jump on board this project. And Reuben and I are equally inspired by the responses. Some go out of their way to help our cause and some find their own cause. Either way people are moving! And that is exciting to see

Below:Kristen Bos & Stephanie Elbert with their teacher Jenny Stewart (a.k.a. Mrs. Creamsicle) raised money for SEE-THEM-RUN selling ice cream, after Reuben and I spoke at their school. 

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