African Greetings!

A big hello from Swakopmund, Namibia. Although severely jet-lagged, we arrived in great spirits. The trip over went smoothly other than a stunning $8,000 overweight baggage bill (that we managed to weasel down to a mere $1400- whew)! We have met our guide Cesar who lives up to his name quite appropriately. He’s a fantastic Namibian who keeps us giggling and who continues to sky-rocket our protein intake like you wouldn’t believe. Delicacies thus far include crocodile, ostrich, zebra and much, much more. The Africans have jumped on board quickly and we have already met with media across country.  Highlights include a meeting with Namibia One Television who has over 500,000 viewers. Very exciting! We have done a bit of running now that the infamous support runner Patrick Donker has arrived from the depths of the Australian abyss. We aim to start the marathon of marathons on Monday the 14th and we are strangely looking forward it!

    Thanks everyone for thinking about us! We promise daily updates as soon as we figure out this African cellphone business!


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