Almost a Go!

Phew, it seems a long time coming after a full year of prep., but tomorrow is finally the day: the day we’ve all been anxiously anticipating. Now that it’s finally here, it seems a mighty big mountain we’re about to climb. There is a little apprehension in the whole group to wake up to a day that is the gateway to the next 4 months without any rest. It’s a day of eating and moderately quiet preparation, but still there is excitement. We all want to get going, and after one more newspaper interview today with a national Namibian newspaper we’re ready to dip our feet into the Atlantic and get this journey underway.

Wish us luck!!


8 Responses to “Almost a Go!”

  1. Albert Stadt Says:

    I’m praying for you!

  2. HEY!!! Just thinking about you! Feeling your anticipation. Looking forward to hearing how day 1 goes!!
    hugs from me~

  3. Don and Charmaine Lovell Says:

    Charmaine, Josh and I are running with Reuben’s family this evening to mark your starting Marathon. God bless you.

  4. Tina & Ed Pierik Says:

    Hi Erin and Reuben!
    We are praying for you both as well as your whole team as you start this amazing adventure!
    The Pieriks
    PS- our kids will be checking your blog every day so we can be specific in our prayers for you!

  5. HAVE FUN!!

  6. Brian (Montreal) Says:

    GOOD LUCK Guys!! All the best to you two and to the team! Sounds AWESOME…

  7. Greg Greve Says:

    Hi Erin & Ruben! We’ve not met, but I’ve been watching your blog from here in Port Alberni, (Your Aunty Anna hooked me up to it a while back, Erin) and I’m absolutely amazed at what you two are doing. It’s early morning already where you are, so by now you are already running… I just wanted you to know that I will also be one of those following your progress and keeping you in thought and in prayer.

    God’s Love, Strength, and Courage to both of you amazing kids,

    Greg Greve

    Port Alberni, Canada

  8. Sue McKerracher Says:

    Hi Erin and Reuben,

    Have a great first run! I’ll be praying for you! We have been tracking out your route on Google Earth so we will be watching your progress “from above” (we’ll be looking at that today in school as well) Take care,


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