1 down…99 to go!

Thanks for all the well wishes for our 1st of many African marathons! With Nurse Anna on the bike, Patrick, Reuben and I headed out at 6am this morning, dipped our feet in the Atlantic ocean and began the first marathon being reprimanded by a local (apparently the lagoon  was a conversation area! No one is allowed on the beach! Whoops!). Happy to be running, we ran 43.6km with sand dunes to our left and the ocean to our right! Our legs were happy to be moving and we were so glad to get this underway. The Atlantic fog made it a nice temperature and we finished the 4 hour run with relative ease.

Recovery for this run involved eating substantial amounts of food (we never seem to buy enough), jumping in the ocean, lots of beachside stretching and more eating.

We’re feeling great and desperatley hoping we’ll be feeling as good come Friday…or come Dar Es Salaam!

Keep the emails and comments coming! We love them!



9 Responses to “1 down…99 to go!”

  1. team James Bay Says:

    Congratulations on getting underway – we are all very glad to hear your first run is behind you, and that it went so well. We all ran in support last night; and posed for proof at Mile O, proudly sporting the Woody’s RV Marathon shirt in honor of the start of it all! May your spirit, bodies, and team be blessed!

  2. Lorna, Martin & Ste-V Says:

    Way to go Erin, Reuben & team!
    Everyone was asking about you at this morning’s staff meeeting. There is lots of excitement here amongst staff and students. Thanks for the blog posts; it is great to keep on track with you. You are in our prayers.

  3. Hi RUNNERS!!!!

    We’re sitting here with Jaclyn – drinking coffee as our gardening was thwarted by rain. We’re marvelling at your adventure, your enthusiasm (God within) and appreciate being part of it in spirit. The great continent of Africa is embracing you with its love and mystery. Hello to nurse Anna. Namaste…..Lori, Graydon & Jaclyn

  4. Renee Kuyvenhoven Says:

    hey there you two,

    i am so proud of you! one down…so many more to go…but i believe in you. i will be checking in often to see how you’re doing…you are in my prayers.
    much love,

  5. Katie H. Says:

    hey you crazy awesome runners!!
    i am SO glad that your first run went so well. you make it sound like a walk in the park although i know that if i were you i would probably have not even made it halfway. lol. anyways, i’ve been praying and thinking about you and will continue to pray!

  6. Thank you for your spirit and the adventure you are on.
    Amazing to be connected to your journey through the internet!

  7. Charmaine , Don and family Says:

    WAY TO GO!!! You two are in our prayers daily and we are so excited that the start went so well. Keep up the great work and eat those proteins. We will be reading your blog every day. God bless you and all your team.
    Charmaine, Don and the gang

  8. Reuben, Erin and gang,
    Wow, you guys are so blessed to have begun your journey with such positive conditions. You are in our prayers and we are all so proud of you!
    Well done, so far so good. Keep up the good work. Brenda K

  9. Lisa Powell Says:

    Hey, good to hear it’s finally underway. Good luck to all of you, and keep the updates coming. 🙂

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