An introduction to the team…

Below: Reuben, Erin, Drew, Anna, and Syd
Reuben, Erin, Drew, Anna & Syd
The attention has been very much focused on Reuben and myself over the past eight months, but here in Africa we are very aware that this is a team effort. Although much overdue, here is the introduction to our fabulous team.

Anna van Wiltenburg: Anna is my sister and is a passionate and talented nurse whose roles include general health, vitamin policing, water girl, camp setter-upper, cook and much, much more. She keeps us laughing, crying (during a harsh round of massage or acupunture) and is a wonderful, healing presence day after day.

Drew Beiderwieden: Husband to Anna, Drew is our official logistics man. Although stuck in Vancouver with exams for the next couple weeks, Drew will joing us in May. His duties include media relations, camp, water, bicycle support and whatever else we can get him on. Can’t wait for him to arrive!

Patrick Donker: Patrick is our 3rd runner who has been gallavanting in Australia and Asia and thus has been off the radar for the past 8 months. He has a substantial and impressive running background and is going to join us in running the entire way across this continent. We are thrilled to have another crazy runner join us!

Syd Woodward: Syd is our documentarty producer. He will be creating a film of this experience and does extremely well when he’s got his camera in his hand. Syd also helps with set up and cooking as well as cleaning and is proving to be a great, handy man to have as support.

Cesar: Cesar (this guy has such a presence there is no need for a last name!) is our Namibian guide who manages to keep us in good spirits and away from lions. Cesar proves to inspire is many ways, most significantly in his ingestion of meat! He makes ‘happy days’ when behind a campfire cooking us pork belly or something of the kind. He is an invaluable resource!

So to make this blog more interesting, you will from now on hear from the entire SEE-THEM-RUN team. And to start the first one off… Patrick Donker…


One Response to “An introduction to the team…”

  1. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    Sounds like the running is going well. Great info on everyone that is involved. They all have an essential role in this great venture.
    Keep up with the great running adventure.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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