revamping our wardrobe.

Early this morning we said goodbye to our cozy little campground and the fellowship of the run headed back to the road for our fourth marathon. With conversation running slightly slower than we even were, we thought to recap the story of the Hobbit, giving ourselves a fresh reminder of the tale that preceeds our now daily readings of the Lord of the Rings. It’s difficult to imagine a story better fit for our own journey.

With the weather taking a turn in our favour today, and nearly a wave or honk from every passing driver we completed our marathon in 4.30hours. Heading over to the vehicle we found our guide Caesar in a heated discussion over his mobile. It seems our luggage has been lost…

After the assurance of Frankfurt cargo that our luggage would arrive safely and shortly after we would, our efforts of the past two weeks have come to their close. It seems that somewhere in the air between Jo-burg and Windhoek our luggage mysteriously vanished; one claims that, “yes, indeed the luggage was sent” while the other claims it was never received. Although we were all greatly anticipating the hidden treasures of our bags: clean socks, new shoes, a sleeping bag, energy bars, it seems we’ll have to make-do for a while longer now before we decide on the best course to take. The next big town we hit we’ll have to do some creative revamping. Perhaps candy bars instead of protein bars.

For now at least we’ve got shoes  to last two weeks and spandex shorts that may just have to handle a few extra marathons before a fresh wash. We’ll wish our noses well.



2 Responses to “revamping our wardrobe.”

  1. WOW! Exciting times. On the bright side…if you were here right now, running a marathon…you’d be running in a blizzard…and that extra outfit or 2 would be more than helpful.
    Great to hear your spirits are high. One week behind you.
    Very glad to hear Cesar is helping you “stay clear of lions”!!!
    hugs, heather

  2. team James Bay Says:

    Reuben & Erin – What a disheartening thing to have happen! I can only imagine how that news must have sounded after such a good run. I’m glad that while you were on your run, you were getting encouragement from drivers passing you by. All the best with finding a creative solution to the predicament this puts you in.
    Glad to hear the weather was at least co-operating, and I hope that other than this setback, your spirits are still high and your sights still set forward. Hi to the whole team and enjoy the LOTR! (WWFD)

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