Marathon 5

We hustled out of our tent at the unfortunatley now regular hour of 4:45am to beat the heat this morning. We are getting quite efficient at taking down camp in the dark! The desert is slowly turning into savanah which means that we’re getting a bit more scenery these days. It’s nice to see a tree every kilometer or so! The fifth run went smoothly. The conversation got us laughing as we all described our most terrifying life experiences! Talk of African banditios, Australian drunkards and bicycle accidents paled in comparison to Reuben’s four year old experience of being stuck knee deep in mud in his Oma and Opa’s farm field! Scary stuff! His Oma resorted to pulling him out with a broom!

So the first week of marathons is completed and we are now sitting in camp ready for the luxury of a day off! WHOOHOOO! The tents are suprisingly comfortable and today we even have showers! If I only I could send smells via the internet! I think we could overwhelm all of Canada with the strong scent of us runners. Especially considering we’ve been in the same running gear for a week (lost baggage has forced us to wear the one running outfit we each have for ALL five marathons).
The remainder of the day will consist of us runners begging Anna to stop painfully stabbing us with her talented massage hands (first one to cry has to do the dishes…just kidding!), playing games like ‘Can you do this?’ in which all of us runners see how inflexible we truly are, via intense competitions, as well as reading from Lord of the Rings (the highlight of the day).
Thanks for all the thoughts and comments. Sorry there’s no pictures. We’re working on it! Until tomorrow!

3 Responses to “Marathon 5”

  1. Becky Horton Says:

    Hey guys,
    Just got caught up on all your posts and though i’d just let you know i’m thinking of you and praying for you. Erin…we miss you!

  2. Susan Beiderwieden Says:

    Lucky ducks… we have snow, hail and generally confused weather in Victoria and then there is Calgary with a 3 day blizzard while you sit in a warm climate. Get those spandex washed and then enjoy the day off. Advice for the day…everybody needs to listen to Anna!!!!
    Hugs to everybody


  3. Wow guys! Wow, is pretty much all I can say! Good luck, be safe, have fun!
    Sending happy thoughts and lots of love.

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