protein pancakes

aaaahhh. Is all I can say today, A WHOLE DAY OFF. We finished our marathon yesterday in great spirits and finished the day in even better, knowing that this morning we didn’t have to rise before the crack of dawn.

Today then we started with a lengthy breakfast and a casual walk before heading into town to pick up a few supplies. The main and only task for the day: a make-shift attempt at home-made protein bars (unfortunatly those were all in the lost luggage.) The ingredients available to us: raisins, oats, granola, icing sugar, peanut butter, cocoa and lots of eggs. After a group effort to mix the heavy batter we’ve now set the concoction out in the sun to bake for as long as it needs.

(we picked up a few MARS bars to get us going in case this flops)


8 Responses to “protein pancakes”

  1. So, maybe Drew will be carrying some protein laden luggage when he heads over to meet you in a couple of weeks?! Entertaining to read of your daily adventures and wonders. Keep healthy!

  2. Can the sun bake things or is it a recipe for salmonella? Mmm….salmon. That’s protein! Get it any way you can, eh?

    WAY TO GO for making the five–right on schedule! So proud of you all! Still praying for that luggage to come in…we can smell you from here!

    Remember: Lori Bowden, famed triathlete, put a Snickers bar on her bike during her Ironmans. Snickers. Yum. Protein, sugar, and laughter!

    Love to you ALL; we think about you TONS!

  3. Oma and Opa Jentink Says:

    Dear Reuben and Erin and companions.

    Oma is not impressed with the recipe for your Pancakes, she would LOVE to bake a whole heap of them for you. Also I could make you some pretty good porridge with those ingrediens.(if I had a fire). We follow your progress every day, and aim to take a daily walk of 4.2 km.
    But not the last few days , we have tons of Snow and at minus 10 deg F it’s not fun, we could use some of your hot temp to melt the snow.
    We think about you all the time and you are the main topic of our conversation,and visualize that you are sustained by God’s Love.
    Hope that things will work out well and that the luggage will yet arrive.
    It is about 5 am monday for you so that means you are getting ready for the second week of running.
    We would love to know the names of some of the villages that you pass through,so we can check if Google has a map for us to see.
    Be strong Be bold for the Lord your God is with you.
    Hugs ang Love from Oma and Opa

  4. charmaine lovell Says:

    Hey you guys, way to go on the 5 marathons!! Still praying for the luggage to come through. God can do miracles!! Thanks for the daily updates. We love to read them. Hope the day off was very restful and you are geared up for week two. You are all so awesome. Maybe you will want to try the new energy bars on a rest day??? Hope it was a very hot day when you left them to bake in the sun. 🙂
    God bless,

  5. Christina Hofmann Says:

    Hey you crazy people…
    Stoked to hear that the first five are in the bag.. that is already more running then i have done in my whole life, and you have just accomplished it in 5 days, in a hot hot place. So proud of you all.. Will be checking up on your guys regularily.. Really excited about what you are doing.. feel held.. we are all praying for you here in the blizzard back at home!!!

  6. Hi Erin and Rueben,

    Congrats on your success to date. Just wanted to let you both know that all of us in the Faculty of Education at UVic have our “cheering hats” on and will continue to track your progress along the way.

    As I trudge along the TC 10K route this coming weekend, just thinking of your journey …..will most certainly get me through! Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!

    Crystal Bergeron
    Communications Officer
    Faculty of Education, UVic
    “Where learning transforms”

  7. Natalie Randall Says:

    Great job everyone! Everyone is so proud of you. Thanks for keeping them in line and feeling good Anna, you must be doing a great job! Don’t forget to send me an email if you need anything therapy question wise. I’m checking in each day to see how your doing, and sending lots of love and good wishes… don’t forget Mars bars are yummy! ha ha

  8. JULIE Simpson Says:

    Hey PATRICK,
    It is Julie from long lost VICTORIA (VIRCC)…I wanted to say congratulations on this amazing accomplishment…That goes out to EVERYONE! I think that is such a great thing you are all doing. GOOD LUCK and I can’t wait to read your daily blogs!!! KEEP having fun and staying HEALTHY

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