clean socks!

Another day of running is under our belts, and the big highlight of this run was……clean socks! We spent the rest of our day eating, resting, and trying to deal with continuing glitches with our internet. Tomorrow we are being interviewed by CTV – via our phone – and we hope to be able to provide some photos for scrolling during the broadcast, but are having difficulty uploadingn them in the proper size. We don’t know when the interview will air; since the photos are in limbo, but hopefully you will catch us soon!
The evenings here are colder than any of us anticipated, and with the loss of some of our camping gear (ie: sleeping bags!) we are making due with blankets, etc., but need to pick up a few more. Bedtime here is around 8:00 pm; by then it is dark, the campfire we prepared supper on has gone out, and chill is setting in. I dread crawling into my cold bed, and often wake between 1:00 – 2:00 am from the cold. Makes running and working up a sweat seem rather attractive!

5 Responses to “clean socks!”

  1. Frank Slabbert Says:

    Nice going! I really admire your strength and will. Please give us an idea as to where you are on a regular basis so that we can follow your progress. God speed and I look forward to your reaching your goal.

  2. Hey guys! Sounds like everyday brings something new…but clean socks aren’t quite on the menu yet! I’m not even going to let my mind wander…okay, like I can stop it anyways. I do truly hope your luggage finds its way back soon and if not, perhaps something will come your way to suffice. Until then, cuddle up and stay warm.


    PS: The kids want to know what animals you’ve seen?

  3. Keep it up guys… you’re running inspirations wild.

  4. You’re certainly an inspiration, also to my Weight Watcher members. My Mill Bay members are asking how you’re doing and at least one is really encouraged to do one marathon soon. Amazing how a little thing like socks is so important!

  5. Jen and John Stewart Says:

    Hello there, gang! How are our pride and joy? 🙂 We are praying for you every day in my English 8 class, so know that at any point in time, 30 angels are surrounding you! All 27 students (and a t.a. and two teachers) never forget to lift you up in prayer daily, so keep enduring those cold nights and those stinky clothes. We love you! We believe in you! One step at a time. You rock our socks!

    P.S. My Drama 10 class now has a challenge on between the girls and the boys as to who can bring the most cans in. The losers, after six weeks, take the winners on an “outing” of their choice! It’s “game on” now–because they CAN!

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