cherry lollipops and ice baths

We started our 8th run 20 km outside of Omaruru. Compared to Tuesday’s slog, today felt great! Perhap’s it was the result of our newest, highly technical nutritional supplement – cherry lollipops – or the fact that we knew a rest day was on the horizon, but we arrived in Kalkfeld with fatigued fitness. Unfortunately the evenings before rest day involve some painful treatment including ice baths and the infamous ‘calf release’; but now they are over, we are ready to spend a lazy day in the sun on an African safari farm.

3 Responses to “cherry lollipops and ice baths”

  1. Charmaine , Don and family Says:

    How did the CTV interview go? It is great to hear that you are getting some press coverage from Canada.
    The ice bath sounds horrible…worse than the running! We are still praying daily for all of you. Take good care of each other.
    Don, Charmaine and the gang

  2. Does this mean the “protein bars” were a flop?? Hope you enjoy your day of rest, and Reub, if I could make you a hot water bottle for at night, you know I would!! Take care of each other – we all miss you very much, love, mom

  3. Natalie Randall Says:

    Happy to hear that ice baths are there… good little patients. I laughed pretty hard when I read about the infamous calf releases…way to go Anna!

    Lots of health from Canada!
    Natalie 🙂

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