your daily quiz

A little question and answer quiz for the day:

  1. Whose clothes are the smelliest?
  2. Who has the worst feet?
  3. Who eats the most?
  4. Who is the least photogenic while running?
  5. Who sleeps the most?
  6. Who handles the most urine?
  7. Who is the most sunburned?
  8. Who shows the most cleavage?
  9. Who snores the loudest?
  10. Who goes to bed the earliest?
    And the answers are:

  • Patrick
  • Reuben … you know it’s bad when your toenails are growing in three dimensions
  • Patrick … who by default also wins “Who’s in the bathroom the most?”
  • Erin
  • Syd
  • Anna … poor sucker, not even her own
  • Reuben … his reponse: “not burned, just tanned and dry!”
  • Syd … ‘cracks’ us all up
  • Caesar … Syd claims to have woken, thinking he was hearing the roars of a wild boar!
  • Erin

10 Responses to “your daily quiz”

  1. Charmaine , Don and family Says:

    Ah, the joys of getting to know your team mates so well!!! These are memories worth keeping.
    “God Speed” as you start week 3. You are all doing such an awesome job and we are cheering you on each day from Victoria.

  2. 8 if it were anywhere but Africa would without question be Reuben though…

  3. Jessica Van Doesburg Says:

    keep hangin’ in there

  4. You guy’s are hilarious. After your Australia stories I am not at all surprised to hear about Patrick’s food intake:) Miss you and praying for you:)

  5. team James Bay Says:

    What is the terrain like where you are running now? Does the presence of the quiz mean there are no (other!) animals to tell us about? A previous blog referred to some sightings of wildlife – but I assume from Google Earth that the landscape is pretty sparse where you currently are. Hopefully the terrain lushes up for you soon! Keep on putting one foot ahead of the other, and we are all plugging for you back here! The Times-Colonist 10K missed you terribly!

  6. Michelle Taekema Says:

    Yaaaaaa!!!! Gooo!!!
    So good to hear where you guys are at and of the fun and smells you are experiencing. Lovely. I love the quiz idea…
    How are the protien bars working out? Sounds like a treat.
    Praying or you.

  7. christina hofmann Says:

    patrick… i think smelly feet are great… dont get down on yourself.. seeing that erin posted to the world that your feet stink.. it must just mean that you are working the hardest… way to go…
    And to the rest of you.. your amazing… love reading the block and hearing about the adventures… so many prayers are movin for you guys.. blessings, and health be with you all
    much love

  8. Nathaniel Says:

    Hey Reub – way to go man! I was a little skeptical at Christmas when I heard about this whole plan but as my recent trip to your website revealed you are actually doing this! You are one crazy dude – love from your cousin Nathaniel

  9. Rob Mackay Says:

    Nice work! Keep moving forward and remember to elevate the legs everyday when you stop…

  10. Jesse Woodward Says:

    The whole major sleeping thing runs strong in the family. Keeping us proud Syd.

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