woot, woot!!

With warm weather in the forecast, we embarked on our 3rd week, heading out northeast from Otjiwarongo. We have some positive vibes coming our way from home, pushing us along these few runs; a team of SEE THEM RUN supporters participated in Victoria’s annual Times Colonist 10K. Our friends and family proudly donned our jerseys spreading out the word, much to our encouragement! We heard even that they crossed the finish line all together with quite the uproar from the cheering crowds. “WOOT WOOT” It’s great on our end to know we’ve got people keeping the project alive while we’re so far away.

With the roads leading up further north, the cities are becoming fewer so we’ll now be camping out on the nearest farm lands (generous farmers permitting). It’s great to be on the road though, it can be a little overwhelming to drive back and forth to the camp site after each run. However, it also means we’ll be bathing less —- BRING ON THE DEODORANT!

Love you family –
Erin and Reuben


3 Responses to “woot, woot!!”

  1. this is so cool!!
    is it possible to order some see-them-run tanks?? i’m so proud of the whole crew over there and would love to show my support as i run myself. (the runs are far shorter and fewer… but i’m trying!)

  2. judy and jim Says:

    You guys are so incredible and creative! How were the protein bars?!

    Our kids are quite concerned about your luggage, as are we, so we keep praying!


  3. Belinda Pierik Says:

    You guys are truly amazing! What an incredibly exciting adventure going and doing what no crazy man ( woman) has done before. We are with you in spirit ( not the puking part though). May God bless you with every step of your run. Will keep checking on you guys. You have already succeeded in making so may people aware.

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