crazy dreams!

Reub has the flu. Shitty. Week three has proven to be extremely tough. Our bodies are suffering and whether it be hamstring, knee, or ankle pain the marathons are painful, mentally exhausting and long. Sleep has been interrupted by mefloquine-induced nightmares (anti-malaria). Last night I woke up sweating after dreaming I married my brother. Crazy!

But even still spirits are high. We might be puking our brains out, or inexhaustibly exhausted, but we are still telling jokes. Watching Patrick race/walk 42 km in, or the team trying to identify the various pungent smells billowing from the vehicle – we are laughing lots.



5 Responses to “crazy dreams!”

  1. I’ve been following your blog and adventure–fantastic! (I receive email updates from Athletes for Africa.) You guys are amazing and so inspirational! I’ve shared your efforts with friends of mine who are avid runners and they just couldn’t believe it.

    Sidenote: When I lived in Ghana, my roommates got those crazy mefloquine dreams too…of course they weren’t running marathons everyday, which definitely adds to your discomfort.

    Keep it up, keep blogging, and stay healthy!

  2. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    Hope Rueben feels better soon. We are rooting for you all in week three.
    We can feel the pain!

  3. Irene Fennema Says:

    You are popping in my mind a lot recently and I’ve been praying for protection over you all. Also that you will be so encouraged by the beauty of the people and land around you!! What an adventure! You can do it! We are all cheering for you from afar!

  4. Daniel McDougall Says:

    Helpfully graphic blog entry, Erin! I wish I could help out with this feces-ridden, nightmare-enhanced, ligament-demonizing struggle in week three but it still sounds like you’re grappling with it in good humour. Please know that we McDougalls are praying alongside you both (one of my perversities is that I sleep only 3-4 hours per night so chances are that I’m actually awake while you are too), praying alongside the path and terrain and people whom you encounter, and praying in faith even when your sights and experiences aren’t precisely grasped by us home-bound folks.
    Cheers and blessings,

  5. Adam Scheuer Says:

    Way to go in keeping up the spirits during this rough stretch. It’ll smoothen out once you bust through that wall! Sending you guys all the best vibes I can! Reuben, use the power that you used to kick my ass during your kick sets in the pool (even with me doing a full out swim sprint with fins!)

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