the 10 list

10 worst things in a day:

10. pre-run weigh in
9. swallowing vitamins
8. getting out of the van, post run
7. hip flexor stretch
6. going to bed dirty/salty/sweaty
5. forcing down breakfast at 5 a.m.
4. putting on dirty running socks
3. calf and quad release
2. bathroom break mid run (which entails squatting on highly fatigued quads and running with prickle shards in your shorts)
1. getting out of bed

10 best things in a day:

10. various wildlife/constellation sightings
9. corpse pose stretch
8. putting on fresh t-shirt
7. fresh firebaked bread
6. frozen yogurt
5. night-time tea and biscuit
4. post run orange
3. shower (when available)
2. taking off runners/airing out feet through vehicle windows
1. Lord of the Rings reading time



4 Responses to “the 10 list”

  1. Rob Jirucha Says:

    Hey Reuben,
    Wow, what a top 10 list. I always thought my sister’s squat-story was the worst. She squated in poison ivy. But I think your prickly experience tops that.

    Lord of the Rings…I’m actually reading that right now. I love that story. It’s no doubt a good one to read with what you’re doing.

    It’s great to check up and see your progress on this journey.

  2. This blog reveals a lot about how your days look from beginning to end, and helps us try to envision what exactly is required of each of you every day. How glad I am that you have rest days, and how very glad I am that there are several books in The Lord of the Rings series!!! Thankfully these were not lost with your bags in Johannesburg! Maybe imagining the task facing Frodo helps in some obscure way for your team to face each new day. And you are ALWAYS close in our thoughts!!
    love you all, mom

  3. I’m really, really glad you followed up with the best things because 4 and 2 of the bad sound horrible. Hope you guys are feeling better! I’ll be calling today or tomorrow.

  4. Sandra Brandsma Says:

    Hey Erin and Reuben, We are still thinking this is a crazy idea. But on that note we are proud of you and the will you guys have to do this. Keep your ‘chin up’ and hang in there.


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