a real bed…at least for some

Phew, 15 of the marathons are behind us! Today we made it to about 10 km beyond Grootfontein having had a relatively fast run in hot and windy weather. We now turn onto highway B8 and head northwards towards Rundu. We are running in the savannah, and our ‘view’ is of grassy (green & brown) expanses with low trees and shrubs. The team spotted more springbok again today, and envy them their speed!

The past four nights we have been staying at a campsite with a lodge currently under construction. When the owner heard about our story, he generously allowed us to camp at no cost. And since both I and Patrick are sick (parasites/flu) Erin and Anna treated us to a night in one of the finished rooms in the lodge, while they spent the evening in their tents. What a luxury to have access to a bed, and almost more importantly……a toilet!! Sure beats crawling out of the tent hourly!!

This afternoon we were contacted by CBC Newsworld, who have scheduled a phone interview for next Saturday morning (7:45 EST). That gives us a week to think of all the things we want to and should say, which will provide great ‘mental entertainment’ as we run!

After a dinner of soup and buns cooked over the fire, we are all now looking forward to the next chapter of Lord of the Rings. We have purchased more blankets, and with the bulk of our clothing on, we are staying warmer at nights, so we don’t dread crawling into our beds quite so much. We are definitely settling in to the routine.

10 Responses to “a real bed…at least for some”

  1. Tina & Ed Pierik & family Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I think you will have abook to publish by the end of this adventure with all these blog entries… I am, laughing, cringing and praying for your whole team.


  2. John And Marcia Says:

    A note from your relatives in Alberta Erin and Anna. We are your Mom’s cousins. We are proud of you all. We eagerly watch your progress and pray for success. I guess you might be on Oprah yet.

  3. John, Jen, and Sue Says:

    Hello there, gritty, gutsy gamers! This is going to make the West Coast Trail seem like runnin’ on a treadmill…at the spa…with a lemonade. Wow. Adversity has hit, but you all are rising above; so PROUD of you! Woot, woot to the power of ten! We’re here at Grama Stew’s planning an update on your progress for PCS chapel this week. Exciting to re-read your blog entries! The students are working really hard for you, and each thrown away can or just finished water bottle is greedily snatched up and paraded to the mounting pile–just reached $1,000 mark! With every can we pray for your every step…

    Much love to you ALL!

  4. Frank Slabbert Says:

    A truly remarkableachuievement sofar. Keep it up and I pray for yuor success. A full report after the massive finish would really be something to read. Good luck for the long haul to Rundu and on to Katima MUlilo.

  5. Renee Kuyvenhoven Says:

    i’m so proud to call you my friends…i think about you often and just want to encourage you on your journey. you guys are doing amazingly well….hhahaha, the thought of attempting to do what you are doing makes me laugh…i’m imagining elske and i trying to join you erin. ridiculous. good luck on the next few runs!

  6. Jan en Marijke de Bruin Says:

    Hello Patrick and the orther guys, We heard tonight of your father the incredible story of you 100 marathons. Meanwhile on your fantastic website looked. We are deep under the impression what a performance. Hold full and take care of yourself.

    Greetings of Jan and Marijke

  7. I’m also your mom’s cousin… just got the word that you are doing this. Awe-inspiring. God speed! 🙂

  8. Christ Community Church Says:

    Hello Erin and Reuben and others!

    We just completed a 24 hour prayer time at CCC (Friday noon until Saturday noon) with one of the prayer stations having a great focus on your journey…nice big poster w/ map, prayer journal etc… Many people praying for you in your faith communities!

    May God bless you and keep you….

    Love your CCC family!

  9. Water Works Plus Says:

    You guys are all truly amazzing! We were talking about you today in our water works class at the Crystal Pool. Keep the faith and keep the smell of your bodies in Africa!!

  10. Hi Reuben and Erin and team!
    Sorry to hear that you are suffering from the flu Reuben. Hopefully that will pass soon. Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Thanks for sharing your adventure with all of us back home via your blogs. It’s so interesting because it’s so crazy! Hopefully you will get the luggage and clothes issues sorted out. Imagine by marathon 99 what old pros you’ll be at all this. Anyhow, take good care of each other.
    Bye for now. lots of love and prayers. KVB.

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