missing luggage…again!?

Leaving Grootfontein behind us we set off for Rundu. Between here and there, there’s a police control post, 250 kilometres of pavement, and lots of country air. Lord willing we will arrive there on Friday night.

We would all appreciate it if you could keep the health of the team, and the safe arrival of Drew and his luggage in your thoughts and prayers. Once again, luggage difficulties perplex us; Drew’s bags will be arriving separately (hopefully!!) as they missed his connecting flight. We are anxious to see Drew in good health, and the prospect of new shoes and fresh clothing ……….aaaahh.



8 Responses to “missing luggage…again!?”

  1. Frank Slabbert Says:

    I sincerely hope that the luggage will arrive. Johannesburg is notorious for lost luggage as we experienced when we travelled to Sydney for the Olympics. Several items had been removed from a case or two and when we travelled to Edmonton for the World Champs in 2001 our President had to make do with one suit until the day before we left when his cases eventually arrived. Good luck with the long haul to Rundu.

  2. charmaine lovell Says:

    We hope you and Reuben are feeling better. The whole team is in our daily prayers and we are really enjoying keeping up with your efforts through the blog.
    We’ll also be praying that Drew’s luggage arrives safely – especially since it contain gear for the runners.
    You are doing a fabulous job…keep it up! Hi from all the gang at Santa Anita.

  3. The Belangers Says:

    Hey Patrick,
    I announced your journey to the congregation in Lions Head. Gave out the website as well.
    Tell those police you have a friend in the business in Ontario. On second thought, not sure that will help or hinder, maybe just smile and answer their questions.
    Good job each one of you and continue to press on.

  4. Hey Team,
    You guy’s are amazing! I am praying for you everyday, it sounds like you need it:) Way to go ladies, letting the boys have the nice beds for the night…I hope they appreciate you…And Erin, I miss you…all of girl’s club misses you actually….how’s the fomo??:)
    Love ya.

  5. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    We hope Anna’s husband arrives safely and that your new badly needed luggage arrives. We are keeping our fingers crossed. You all will look forward to clean clothes and shoes. Keep up the amazing running you guys and remain strong and healthy. We pray for you all.

  6. Salome Simard & Family Says:

    Hoping the lost luggage is found and good health is restored. You guys are great! Keep at it!

  7. Carolyn & Gerry Thompson Says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are for all of you! What a journey.. and to be short on shoes and gear must be incredibly tough. Patrick, we hope both you and Reuben are feeling better. Keep up the great trek!

  8. christina hofmann Says:

    Yehhhh… running!…….So dont worry you guys im still stoked for you… every day at work i look up the blog and show all my friends at work, they ask all the time how you guys are doing.. and its sweet to be able to show them and tell them that your doing great. Yesterday when i was biking to work i saw a running that looked all decked out… and i thought to myself…”self, that looks like erin and reuben and the crew” and thats kinda how it went… it was really only one runner and it kinda amazes me that the one runner looked like two and a crew… but it did…. anyways… this is all here to say that im rootin for you guys, im praying for strength, healt, fresh cloths, shoes, and amazing times and beautiful memories, your missed…

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