poetic inspiration

The rooster was crowing, we awake with a yawn
    It’s 5 in the morning –  and just before dawn.
We forced down some bread, smeared with jam and P.B.,
    We tied up our laces –  with sighs of fatigue.
Oh what will the day bring?  What will we see?
    Nausea or fainting? Animals or trees?
Today was a good day,  another marathon done!
    We await our pal Drew, bearing shoes for our run!!
See Them Run team 


2 Responses to “poetic inspiration”

  1. Poetic skills! Sounds a lot like a ‘Zee’ influence going on here! It’s so nice to hear the humor coming through so strongly – it must act like a balm on all the aches and pains, way to go!

  2. Jessica Van Doesburg Says:

    Hey all,
    We’re all rooting for you over here. Hope drew get there safely. Good luck!

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