Christmas in May

Like giggling children on Christmas morning, we all crowded around Drew as he pulled out our individual parcels: protein bars, shoes and fresh shirts. After being woken by the endlessly screaming, nocturnal roosters (from 2 am onwards…..) we set out, decked in clean gear and new odourless socks (thanks Jim!), this morning. 
In just these past two days we’ve crossed Namibia’s great divide, running from first world to third, from our campground to thatch-roofed huts separated by a quarantine gate. The indescribable poverty is both horrifying and inspiring. We’re reminded now of why we’re here by the endless waves and tremendous smiles from the locals. Running 2 km with young girls in bare feet and skirts, or racing with boys taking a break from their cattle herding is great for our spirits. The motivating smiles from these kids are more invigorating than any of our protein bars we’ve packed along.
Erin & Reuben

9 Responses to “Christmas in May”

  1. Paula Gallagher Says:

    Dear Erin and Reuben,
    At Monterey Middle School the Grade 6 Gold Team is following your exploits with great interest! The students held a bake-sale fundraiser and did an excellent job organizing the event. At $.50 per item ,they raised $500. As soon as we can figure out how to do it we will be sponsoring five kilometres of your run. Each Grade 6 class is also keeping a tally of the number of kilometers we run during our weekly fitness runs. We are charting our virtual trip following approximately the same route as you guys are. We post a copy of your blog every time you put up a new one and we have quite a festive hallway now 🙂 Continued success to you all,
    Gold team, Monterey Middle School

  2. Gabrielle Tiemstra and Family Says:

    Hey Reuben and Erin.
    My family and i are all super stoked that you guys are doing this. We miss you both very much and wish you all the best for the months to come. We are praying for you everyday. We hope that this experience broadens your understanding of the world in other countries.
    We would like to know if you guys have had any natives run along with you for any duration of time.
    Hope to see you soon
    Gabrielle Tiemstra and Family

  3. christina hofmann Says:

    you guys amaze me, every day, amaze me!! God bless….

  4. Tracy Ryper Says:

    Hey guys we are thinking of you often…your stories are funny and inspiring. Hope this finds you all safe….
    Keep up the great work
    Tracy, Dan and Ben

  5. hi everyone,
    i pray that you are all doing well, keep up the good work

  6. Michelle Taekema Says:

    I’m glad you guys update so often! So good to hear what’s going…I’m praying for health and strength!!!

  7. Hey Team!
    You rock! Glad to hear you got some clean socks…the blog cracks me up every time I read it…praise the Lord your humour is holding out at this point:) Erin I really really miss you…and we found out when we leave for Bolivia, August 18th…crazy! Love ya.

  8. Jessica Van Doesburg Says:

    Hey Guys
    Glad to hear that Drew got there safely. Keep it up.

  9. Reuben, Erin and Gang,
    Reuben, i just got off the phone with your Mom. I’m glad you are feeling better. It’s so wonderful to hear that you now have fresh clothing and some protein bars. You guys are such a source of inspiration. I can’t believe that you’ve now completed 21 marathons, I’d be dead by now if it was me!!! Keep on runnin’
    Love, Brenda

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