Namibia’s newest attractions

Northern Namibia is famous worldwide for its animals. The safari parks in the north are renowned for the hoards of game; including zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos and the cats! However, since we passed the redline (aka the poverty line) into the north, we have not spotted a single animal along the way and ironically, we seem to have replaced the game as Namibia’s newest attraction.

For the entire run, we seem to draw people out of their huts to the streetside where the reactions vary from silent staring, they point and laugh, or from old toothless men with severe gingivitis rambling with comments like “I like it. I like what you do”, (comments which are generally and disconcertingly directed at us women).

I often feel like a zoo animal, but now as we are 20 km outside of Rundu, our scenery will get extremely remote, and likely the roadside interactions will cease into the abyss, until about 2 weeks time when we hit the Zambian border. We are well though and have happily completed the 21st marathon, which means we’ve now exceeded the amount of marathons we completed in the 8 months of our training program!

PS: We’ve got an interview with CTV News tomorrow morning: Canada AM at 9:00 EST – see you all then!



6 Responses to “Namibia’s newest attractions”

  1. Two of our students, Noah Bolinder and Randy Conklin, had a BRILLIANT idea to support you all in your work AND impact our community’s spiritual life, too: they held a conference called “GEAR UP” and many students attended this past weekend (with all the proceeds–$400–going to you!). The theme of the conference was to take things to the next level in your schools, communities, and relationships, and that was achieved! Students who went said it was “amazing for us to see God’s hand there AND it was amazing to be thinking of Africa the whole time.” The conference was replete with the band, Mayflower, donating their time and talent, along with super speakers leading six workshops on Saturday. We thought you would be encouraged to know we’re MOVING here at PCS! From clean up crew, to registration crew, to unbelievable organizers, we’re using our gifts to SEE-YOU-RUN! Keep “gearing it up”! P.S. We’re strangely happy that we’re the first post here. 🙂

  2. Hello everyone!! We read your blog everyday and enjoy sharing the experiences with you. We are incredibly thankful that Drew and luggage arrived safely. Many prayers went up for that. We are amazed by all of you and continue to hold you up in prayer. We love you guys!!! Albert & Anna

  3. Frank Slabbert Says:

    Excellent progress to date. You are really wondeful and we here at Swakopmund, especially from the running club, are following your movements closely. One of the reasons why you do not see much in the line of animal life is that the villages and residential areas are mostly close to the road northward. The wild animals tend to avoid too close contact with the villagers and will be further in from where you are running.

    Of course, yiou will be seen as an oddity as there, to the best of my knowledge, neer been many athletes for long distance running in the Kavango area. You may be luckier beyond Rundu with animal sightings.

    Go well!


  4. HI folks, great to follow your progress!….guess it has been quite ( and will be more of) an adventure than you ever anticipated!…hope you can make a documentary out of this too!….will be great for the grand kids one day eh! …..are you aware that we are 5 weeks behind with the growing season here this year, what with the short summer last year and long cold winter!…now are you feeling a bit better!…..lots of snow still up here at Mt Washington this season! …take care your friendly marmot!,……Rufus ( have inspired me greatly and I intend coming out of my den early this season so I can follow your progress!)

  5. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    It was really great to see you all running and Anna with the bike. Looking very strong you guys. Keep up the great work!

    Super to see the video! Makes you feel a little closer to you guys and to see how well you are doing.

    We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    So thankful that Drew arrived safetly and with all the luggage intact. Whew!!

    P.S. Hope you see some wildlife. Nice to share smiles and see the appreciation on the faces of many.

  6. Way 2 go with the little girl on the bike. i am so proud. PS-have you seen any wildlife?

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