the real deal

We’ve hoodwinked you all for too long now, here are the real reasons we went to Africa:
1. Scientific experiment to see if sleep is possible while running
2. To judge how many times a calf muscle can sieze up in one day
3. To see if stretch marks can form on your quads
4. For the party at the end
5. To really enjoy a pedicure when we get home
6. Practice for our athletic modelling careers
7. Athletic gear crash-test dummies
8. For a suntan and sweet sock tan
9. A quick 4-month slim down program (and a stellar beach bod)
10. In-depth practicum on malnourishment
signed from all of us

4 Responses to “the real deal”

  1. way 2 go. keep it up! :)-= 😀

  2. okay dudes, way to go.

  3. Jessica Van Doesburg Says:

    Oh…….now i understand why you’re doing this 😉 haha keep it up!

  4. Don and Charmaine Lovell Says:

    To the See-them-run team. I recon the Celebration Party will be indeed one for the record books. Indeed there will probably be alot of parties. The CTV interview was great from what I heard about it. Your web site was on the Canada AM site.
    Everyone that I talk to about the run is totally motivated by what you guys are doing.
    You have now passed my life long marathon count of 21 which were done over 25 years! Keep on trucking!

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