running with the children

Our team set out this morning 100 km west of Divundu, on the edge of the Caprivi Strip and the last check point before the stretch to the border. Setting out on the main road we saw before us packs of children sprinkled left and right all over the road, all heading the same direction as us. Running by the first group our small team of runners was doubled with the addition of four bare-footed little boys. Spurred on by their school mates, we soon were running along with a parade of 30 children coming and going as their energy ebbed and flowed. For the next number of kilometers we followed a constant undulating course running its’ way up and down through maize fields and dried up river valleys.

One more run this week!

– Reuben


4 Responses to “running with the children”

  1. ensings Says:

    just reading through your updates. thank you so much for your honesty, humor and detailed descriptions. i can just see the little kids running with you… we pray daily for you. the kids often calling out your names in the middle of our prayers reminding us! God is with you in this. all of it! the good the bad and the ugly times. may you feel HIS power and strength carrying you – mind , body and spirit. one step at a time. we are so amazed by you all. what it took to get you there and now being there. know that you are covered. i am just sitting here picturing you in your various camping settings. picturing you all flaked out listening to lord of the reigns, trying to get food into your exhausted bodies. man… this is a truly remarkable thing you are doing. the video clip is great too. thanks sid. our thoughts and prayers are will ALL of you. keep up the good work Anna, and Sid and Drew, and Patrick. Your jobs are equally as important and needed. Praying for renewed will, spirit and strength!! Love to you all, The Ensing clan.

  2. Kimmie from Rundu Says:

    HI GUYS!!!
    It was so good to meet you and spend some time with you. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to spend more time though. What you are doing is amazing and I look forward to keeping up with your movements. I will be sending out an email to all of my supporters this week to tell them about what you’re doing, and I’ll be keeping you in my prayers.

    Thanks for the encouragement that you have given me to continue living and working here in Africa. What you’re doing is truly inspiring!

    many blessings to you all,

  3. Graydon Says:

    Just to let you know that Lori and I are thinking about you a lot and telling all our friends about your marvelous journey. Hope all your replacement supplies arrive safely. We are watching your progress with admiration and are with you in spirit!
    We had your Mom and Dad and Jaclyn and Steve over for dinner and had a a lovely evening with them. Jaclyn is helping us tidy up our back yard and plant our garden and flowers and we feel very lucky to have her expertise (and plants from your Dad’s garden!) to enhance our yard.
    Graydon and Lori

  4. Ryan, Nic, Sabine, Liam Says:

    We all got to see some great pics at church last Sunday and the children recieved a great message about what it truly means to live what you believe. It was fun trying to explain to our daughter (4 years) why Uncle Patty is running across Africa to help his two friends who are doing a wonderful thing for people they don’t know.
    Keep it up

    Ryan, Nic, Sabine and Liam (The compound crew)

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