So it begins

If any of these fools tell you that i screamed and jumped up on my seat when i saw a snake…its nothing but lies i tell you!



4 Responses to “So it begins”

  1. Don and Charmaine Lovell Says:

    great video, Syd. Love the music and so good to hear Erin and Reuben and Pattrick. “The Road is Long”, but it getting shorter! Blessings.

  2. Erin, I never know if you ever get these comments, but the video was awesome…way to go Syd!
    And it was good to hear your voice…
    Hopefully will be able to phone soon, Anna still has not given me the #…
    Praying for all of you everyday…
    Peace, love aims

  3. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    Loved the video Sid. It was great to see Rueben, Erin and Patrick run, and the music corresponded so well. It’s also nice to see the surrounding areas. You did a great job.

  4. Carihi Secondary School Says:

    The video links don’t work and we would like to see them!

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