please remain in your vehicle

Today’s jaunt brought us into Caprivi National Park,190 km of African savannah, chalk full of animals. You’d think the numerous warning signs regarding the apparent numbers of beasts and cats would have slowed us down slightly, but we ran past the “Elephants – Please remain in vehicle” signs with our touristy naivete spurring us on.
Unfortunately the park ranger came across us and informed us of the “extreme peril” so we got out our Swiss Army knives, strapped them to our spandexes, and reckoned we’d move our pee spots a little closer to the road. Aah, the oblivion of oxygen deprived runners who think they can rival a lion’s claw with a two inch knife and running shoes!
27 km in, the park ranger demanded that we get in the car. We did so and rather peacefully too, as Patrick’s hips were wreaking havoc and I’m getting over a nasty bout of strep throat. Ironically, the forced halt was almost welcomed! But we made some phone calls and all is well as we got permission to continue on tomorrow. The car will stay directly behind us for the moment.
But fear not! If we get attacked from the front, we are armed with some major weaponry – Nuun, Gu, and a swiss army knife.
– Erin

2 Responses to “please remain in your vehicle”

  1. Just saw the awesome video– you all are so skinny! Our Drama class is keeping up on your every step, so keep the entries coming! We love experiencing the dry terrain, the crazy animal stories, the lack of food, the pain, and the sweaty, salty victory of being DONE with yet another run. You are loved and prayed for!

    P.S. We are still collecting bottles and cans for you! The boys say they’re going to win, but the girls seem to think they’re kidding themselves…

  2. Frank Slabbert Says:

    Glad to see you havn’t lost any sense of humour yet!. But, please be vigilant about the ever present danger of wild animals. Stay close to the vehicle and make sure that you keep looking around and don’t focus only on the road ahead.

    There should be an abundance of wildlife in the park but they may be far from the road due to the rains this year that were quite good.

    Chins up and good luck for the rest of the run.

    Take care.

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