did you know…?

We finished our third day in the Caprevi Game Park today, a pan handle that joins Namibia to Zambia. The Germans bought the panhandle because they believed they could establish a transportation route between their colonies in Southwest Africa and Tanzania via the Zambezi River. Unfortunately for the first transporters they soon found out that the Victoria Falls would make this very difficult.
– Patrick

7 Responses to “did you know…?”

  1. Hi Guys,
    Just dropping you a note to tel you we are thinking of you and praying for you all.
    Erin, my students at Bayside Middle School ask everyday to read your blog…you guys are an inspriration!!
    Lots of love,
    Tina Pierik

  2. Patrick,
    Loved the history lesson:) Erin, any man who knows this much about random historical facts is a keeper:)

  3. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    Hi son. Great history lesson. Very interesting.

    Loved the video Sid made. Nice to see you all close up. Got some pictures made from the video as well.

    Hope you all stay strong and healthy.

  4. Rachel Reems Says:

    i second aimee’s comment…definitely a keeper 😉

  5. Selena Donker Says:

    Greatings Patrick & Erin (and the rest of the crew)!

    Just wanted u to know that I am monitoring your progress via the web-site. Great video!!

    Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves; keeping safe & healthy. My thoughts & prayers are with you!!

    xx Selena 🙂

  6. Marion Kingma Says:

    Hi Rueben & Erin. I just wanted to say hi and let you know we are keeping an eye on the website for your updates. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep an eye out for the big horned cows! In Uganda they are everywhere, so maybe where you are also. I am letting everyone at Watoto know about your website so they can keep up to date as well.

    Take Care!
    Marion & Charissa

  7. Hey guys, especially Patrick. I met you at Magnetic Island, and I have to say I admire you guys! I am keeping my fingers crossed nothing serious has happened to Amy and wishing you the best of luck the rest of the time. My charity project is slowly going forward as well.

    Take care!

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