on to the border

Without a fit place to camp between our stopping place today and the border we’ve taken an early arrival at Katima Mulilo, placing our next destination nation just a stone’s throw across the river. It’s with wavering resolve that we’ve withheld our longing limbs from the dangerously tantalizing rivers these past weeks. Rivers, clean enough from parasites, are swimming with passing crocodile logs and moaning hippos. Tomorrow, however looks bright with the prospect of running the last marathon to the border crossing all together as a team again!
Erin, Reuben, & Patrick

11 Responses to “on to the border”

  1. Don Lovell Says:

    Parasites, crocodiles and hippos…sounds like the title of a movie. What excitement it must be to have the border so close. Enjoy the moment and take time to reflect on your team’s accomplishments, experiences and blessings received to date. We are all cheering for you!

  2. Sandra Brandsma Says:

    Glad to hear you are able to run again Erin. It’s exciting to hear your reports and we wish we too could see the sights and wonders you are experiencing. May God grant you healthy bodies and strong minds to be able to withstand the rigors and challenges you face daily. You are in our prayers.

    Reuben: I met your grandparents at Gateway Christian School fine arts night and they read your blogs and very proud of you.

    We are proud of each of you and look forward to more stories. Meeting Patrick will be nice as well.

    Mel and Sandra

  3. Susan Beiderwieden Says:

    What an exciting day with more excitment right around the corner or border. I talked with Wilma today right before she called Anna so have been thinking about all of you today. Funny, though globalization creates complex issues for the world, one of it’s positive feats is the ability to communicate everywhere, anytime. On Sat. morning when I was talking with Drew and Anna our ‘other’ daughter (who is liviing and working at an orphange in Jo-burg, South Africa) called at the same time. It’s amazing to me.

    Erin, hope the test results were positive but you will take care of yourself. Everyone should avoid crocs, parasites, mosquitoes, hippos, and all other creepy crawlies you haven’t told us about.

    Welcome to Zambia… let us know your new cell number when you get one .
    Susan and Mark Beiderwieden

  4. Carla Howatt Says:

    Don’t go in the water – can’t you hear the music??? Rule #1, when you hear the “music” don’t go up the stairs or into the water, that is when the boogey man comes out!!! lol!

    Keep up the good work guys. May the Lord bless and keep you, may he shine his face upon you and give your (feet) peace 🙂

  5. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    So glad to hear you can run again Erin. What a gal!!! Will be cheering you on every step of the way.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all, including the whole team as you approach the second country.


  6. Lorna, Martin & Ste-V Says:

    WAY TO GO TEAM! Congratulations on reaching the border. We love tracking your progress and the students keep coming up with things they want to do to support you. Today is Superhero day at school and Mrs. Stew has your photo pinned to her shirt. You are our heroes!

  7. RE: above comment

    AWWW! i agree.

  8. Hey,
    1 down 2 to go…You guys are awesome! Erin, so glad you are running again…PTL!
    Hey I am going to try to phone tomorrow morning…hopefully will talk to you soon…

  9. Mike Coey Says:

    Learning to pass on the torch to your team-mates may be a lesson hard learned, but prove invaluable in this endeavour and all your future adventures.

    We are so glad to hear that you are all, once again, on the road together!

    Take Care of each other, and keep up the great work!!

    Thinking of you often!

    Mike and Elisha

  10. Lara Lauzon Says:

    May 29, 2008

    Hello to the entire team. Thank you for your continued commitment to make this world a better place. You are all truly inspiring. Continue to take good care of each other. Positive thoughs and prayers are with you from the Carter and Lauzon family.


  11. wendy woodward Says:


    To my son syd.. i am so proud of you.. keep up the great media coverage, and interviews on the progress of the team. I am sure you are seeing wonderful places and things. LET THE WORLD SEE. KEEP THE CAMERA ROLLING.

    GOD keep you all safe healthy and strong…

    love you syd MOM

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