just another day

What a week! Some of our adventures include: driving into a herd of elephants and flooring it by several ear-flapping, rather aggressive males – exploring Victoria falls: a 2 km stretch of magnificent and rather intimidating falls – finding in the truck that our guide, David, has hauled around a portable toilet (toilet seat welded onto a collapsible metal frame for an entire country without telling us. (We’ve been squatting and peeing in prickles for no reason.) It’s now being used as a coveted-by-all camp chair!

Reuben’s mom, Miriam, and brother, Julian, just happened to drop by for a visit. (You’re all invited to come by for a cup of tea by the way! ) It is great to see them as well as all the supplies that they brought with them, shoes, supplements, candy (the really important stuff), and even some home baking. The anticipation of chomping down on some of Erick’s infamous boterkoek was almost unbearable. They arrived this past Friday; however, and what else is new, the baggage did not! Thats 3 for 3 folks: what luck! (It did surface a day or two later and rest assured, the boterkoek has been eaten!)


ps. Health update: albeit slow, my health has improved over the past week. My heart is mostly healthy (overworked but healthy); was able to run some this week and as I find sitting rather frustrating, I’m looking forward to running marathons again after one more set of blood tests. Thanks for all the prayers and positive words sent our way. It really does inspire!


6 Responses to “just another day”

  1. Lara Lauzon Says:

    Hello everyone: I am sending you a poem today by Richard Le Gallienne titled ‘I Meant To Do My Work Today’. Hope it inspires you.
    I meant to do my work today,
    But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
    And a butterfly flitted across the field,
    And all the leaves were calling me.
    And the wind went sighing over the land,
    Tossing the grasses to and fro,
    And a rainbow held out its shing hand –
    So what could I do but laugh and go?

    All the best from the Carter/Lauzon household.

  2. Jessica Van Doesburg Says:

    Glad to see that you have a sense of humor over there. Was the Boterkoek good? Have you run into any REALLY dangerous animals. Glad you’re doing better Erin. Keep it up team.

  3. So he just kept this toilet a secret for fun to watch you struggle? What a guy/guide! haha

    Baggage is really not a strong point for these airlines is it…

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better Erin.

    Love Scott

    PS: I’ve been trying to call from a phone card for several days now and it connects and rings but it’s an automated woman’s voice and the option to leave a message. Not sure what’s going on since I have the same number I’ve always had… anyway I’ve been attempting to call failing over and over and it’s lame. I’ll keep trying. If the phone’s not in operation or if anyone’s had the same problem and fixed it email me please: scottloudoun@gmail.com

  4. hi you two:

    a quick note to let you know that two more Victorians are thinking of you fondly and supportively and hoping that you find health and stamina in ample doses rising up from the sand and rocks of your African trails. you inspire and amaze.

    rumon & aviva

  5. Hi Guys,
    So glad Reuben’s mom and brother got there with all your treats and supplies. Thank you for the updates and your humour and honesty…it tells us what to pray for!
    Tina, Ed & family

  6. Lisa Powell Says:

    Damnit, Erin, now I’m craving boterkoek… and I’m not even Dutch!

    It’s good to hear you guys are getting your fair share of amusement in despite the hardships. Glad to hear you’re doing better, my friend.

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