1850 and counting…

There’s been a delicious treat brought forth from my mom and brother’s luggage each night since their arrival. Brownies, boterkoek, nut squares, and peanut brittle have all swiftly been devoured by our tiny team of hungry mouths. Especially after a full day’s run of continually undulating hills and valleys. 45 km worth of heaving rolls of pavement. We’re hoping more will come out of their tent over the next week…

Tommorrow we set out 28 km west of Livingstone, settting us about 1850 km from our starting point in Walvis Bay! Those sweets are comming in mighty handy this week as my average calorie expenditure in one marathon is roughly 4000 (multiplied by 5) and throw in a few extra calories to sustain me the remainder of the day and you’ve got a pretty hefty number!) … Can you fedex home baking…?



4 Responses to “1850 and counting…”

  1. Don and Charmaine Lovell Says:

    Distance and time seem to have been reduced when I read of your enjoyment of your Mom’s baked goods, Reuben. It was just a week ago that Charmaine and I, Gillian, Darryl and Josh were at your home enjoying some of those same treats the evening before they would be packed up for their trip to the African continent. Blogs and bakery have provided a sense of closeness with your epic journey.
    By the Way it’s Bike to work week in Victoria. Just thought that would bring a smile to your faces. Keep on rolling!

  2. …wow…just watched the video clips and read through several blogs…it is even more inspiring and amazing to hear your voice and see you run down those miles. This is your purpose for this time…pretty cool!
    Never be hesitant to lean a on each other a little! You need to be strong for when it’s your turn to carry the torch! The journey is about all the little steps that came together to make it complete!!
    SO incredibly proud of you. All those miles behind you.
    Isn’t it great how treats come just when they are needed the most!! Savour every bite!! And every mile you cover.

  3. Hi Reuben and crew,

    I was so pleased to hear about the safe arrival of your Mom and Julian. Wow, you are all sharing the memories of a lifetime! We are all keeping you in our prayers. I can’t believe how close we can be to all the action, just by checking your website. You are truly an inspiration to all of us back home. Keep smiling and supporting each other in this most amazing journey that you are on!

    Cheers, Brenda

  4. Sandy Friesen Says:

    Yeah! It’s so good to hear that you are enjoying your treats and the time with your family. You are missed, loved and thought of so often. Be well and safe and keep up the amazing job you are doing.
    Much love,

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