Rub a dub dub

A magical substance has found it’s way into camp this week! It’s name…Mr. Epsom Salt (the title demonstrates our sheer respect for this product). Thus far it has proven to the most enjoyable recovery ritual, although bathing in a sink is rather difficult after a 45km run! Patrick and I actually managed to contort ourselves enough to fit two of us in one sink, as hot water is scarce, and still it was well worth the effort! Mr. Epsom Salt, we salut you!

The run went well today! The Zambian roads have major potholes; the shoulder is no longer safe for us runners. The gravel lining the sides is in better shape that the road itself, so the trucks barrel down our running track!

Tomorrow is a rest day and we’re planning to check out Zimbabwe’s view of VIctoria falls! Looking forward to it!


4 Responses to “Rub a dub dub”

  1. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    What a sight it would be to see you two in the sink! Can just imagine it esp. with Patrick being so tall. You guys would make quite a splash!

    So glad to hear Erin’s is much better so you can run together again.

    Congratulations in completing your first country and lots of strength and health with the second one. You guys are amazing!

    Nick and Nancy Donker
    Beachville, Ont.

    P.S. Watch out for those elephants!

  2. In a sink eh? FOMO???
    You guys are awesome! Praying for you everyday.
    ps. Erin I will try to call again before the end of the week…maybe tomorrow?

  3. ensing family Says:

    So hey guys,
    It seems like a long time since you’ve left, and yet it doesn’t. We are continually watching and waiting for you guys. This is an excellent thing you’re up to, all of you!
    Each night when we tuck our kids into bed we ask them “What’s your highlight today?” and of course it is followed by “what’s your lowlight today???” And each night our kids all ask that we pray for you. It’s real cute with Evan especially, because we can’t even complete the highlight question before he says: ” and we have to pray for Erin and Reuben…” I guess we should fill him in on Patrick and Anna and Drew and Syd and…
    His list is long enough I think, but ALL of you as a team are being held up for prayer, so please feel encouraged about your run. That is your running, and your mission.
    Syd where’s Bruce Cockburn’s: ‘Wondering where the lions are’? or perhaps Rusted Root’s ‘Send me on my way’? HA HA
    Thanks for the footage snippets, dude. And your musical choice is great.
    Love and greetings, the Ensings,

  4. Des raynor Says:

    Heh guys, thanks for your updates,love “Mr. Epson Salts” story too! Take care of your selves and can we have some photos of the Vic Falls Tks , DesComox B.C.

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