We battled the trucks and potholes for the last two days and arrived in Kalomo as a very dusty team! The hard Zambian roads, the hilly terrain alongside the traffic-weaving has left our legs extra sore this week. But we’ve hardly noticed. We’ve been welcomed by the extremely hospitable Calder family, who run a orphan program here in conjunction with the very committed Steve and Joan Mann (also from Victoria). Here we are able to refuel mentally, relax as well as enjoy the company of 24 little tots who also reside in the house!

The luxuries of this spot at first seemed overwhelming. The thought of being inside has become foreign to us campers, thus couches, beds and a bath seem outrageously lavish! We did the math a couple days ago and figured we actually haven’t sat on a couch since we left home! And even being able to walk around with socked feet has seemed extraordinarily blissful.

Thanks to the Calders and the Manns for the support. And thank you to all the PCS crew for the car wash fundraising!


PS: For your info:

Daily distance: 45km (or so)

Weekly distance: 221km

Time spent running (per week): 23 hours, 59 minutes and 11 sec

Calories burned: 3370kcal/day or 17,005kcal/week

Max heart rate: 180bpm (90%)

Average heart rate: 147bpm (73%)



6 Responses to “Lothlorien”

  1. Diane Mann Says:

    Hi, to the running team, Everyday , with anticipation I go on to your blog, to see how you are doing. All I can say is amazing! I am excited that you are at the Calders. They are a wonderful couple. Just two months ago, I was sitting on the closed in veranda having a wonderful meal. Enjoy the beds, showers, meals and fellowship. This is your retreat! Keep going,…I am praying for your health, safety and building wonderful memories! You will come back forever changed. I am proud to say that I know you. Blessings, Diane Mann

  2. Hey Team,
    Wow, it sounds blissful…love that you compared it to Lothlorien, I just finished reading the Return of the King myself, so I appreciate the Lord of the Rings imagery:)

  3. With great attitudes and endless energy, we washed 100 cars yesterday at the See-Them-Wash car wash! We thought of you all with every swipe! One student said, “If they can run, I can wash!”, which brings me back to your inspiring words which encouraged our school to “Move!” Although the total isn’t official, we raised well over $1,000. We thank the very generous people who came by and donated–as we gave them cards with your names and project info. on it, it was well received! You all are inspiring! From Ms. McKerracher, the Stews, and supportive, sunburned students, we send a soaking wet “KEEP GOING” to you! P.S. Loved seeing the videos and hearing your voices on the blog; what a treat!

  4. Rod, Sue, Dan, Josh & Em Says:

    Hi to all you guys! Hope you’ve made it way past Choma by now. We enjoyed having you in our home. God bless!
    The Calders

  5. left foot, right foot. repeat.

    nice work, guys. good to hear the updates, not surprised that you’re pulling through.
    keep on keepin’ on, and we’ll all see you soon.


  6. Jenny Fitterer Says:

    You guys are so inspiring! I just want to DO something for you, even though I can’t run to save my life. Keep it up and good luck !!

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