On the road again

The absence of adventures of the past week has led us to chapter the last 250km as the “Dead Marshes.” The roads were hilly, the winds were heavy and the direction was SOUTH!!!!! UGH!!!! That is not the direction we like to run in. Dar Es Salaam is very north and very east!

We have made it to Mazabuka and are now camping out of sight in the backyard of a resthouse. The noises have been vast and unending: a disco across the street, a wedding in the front yard, a prayerful mosque next door and a train station down the street!

Yet these Zambians keep us laughing. They are quite the friendly bunch and they often come out with some hilarious comments describing our running: “Yaw, yaw boss.” “Physical. Physical. Hi, hi, hi, very good.” “Helloooo madam.” “Mmmm trot.”

Altogether we’re doing well. Thanks for always reading up on us. We always love the comments!


2 Responses to “On the road again”

  1. Andrea Hofmeyr Says:

    Hi Anna and team – phew, it really is amazing following your progress and reading about your adventures! The videos are so well done and incredibly moving – way to go all of you. Thinking of you with best wishes and prayers, love andrea

  2. Janette Schaafsma Says:

    Hello Reuben, Erin and See-them-run Team! I’m glad you posted today – was beginning to wonder after not hearing for awhile, how you were doing. Sounds like you’re all ‘hitting your stride’ and that you’ve come through some pretty challenging times. We think of you every day, and I always check your blog before going to bed at night! We heard in church today (VCRC) that, with the Youth donation included, there’s a 2,000 dollar addition to your fund-raising efforts for Athletes for Africa, after our door collection last week Sunday :)) That was thrilling to hear. You’re all in our prayers and we wish you”Godspeed” in Zambia. You are under His protection and in His care. Blessings – Janette and Joe.

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