companions along the way


5 Responses to “companions along the way”

  1. Salome Simard & Family Says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing the amazing photos!

  2. 3 legged marathon Says:

    Ya uh sorry about the non-existent stop methods. We were going a tad fast i guess. the grandpa managed to get a picture at 120km/h. anyways, we’ll catch you on the 18th im sure. The koreans really want to meet you guys. ill send a txt when we are nearby. – the fiance of anna

  3. 3 legged marathon Says:

    oh and those pictures look awfully familiar….like I was just there…strange…member to transfer from tonga to nyanja

  4. Nick and Nancy Says:

    Awesome pictures. Great seeing the children running with you guys to cheer you on. You can tell the area is hillier and tougher to run on though.

    Always look forward to reading the blog and seeing the videos.

  5. Well son I hope everyone is in keen spirits. Are you going to celebrate Canada Day? And, please do remember to get ahold of the insurance company in regards to your lap top. I do miss you terribly and will be glad to have you back on the island. We’re nursing a damaged young raven up at the farm. If you can ask about it, we’re still looking for a name for it. Your brother has come up with Nivar which I rather like but we are still looking for one even better. Love Dad & Gram

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