up & down…up & down

Today saw the run finish up in the town of Kafue; again a town situated on a river (and again unfit for swimming – this time not due to crocs or parasites but rather to an aggressive current. Bummer.) Although the valley does offer a comfortably cool breeze to rival the sweltering sunshine. It’s amazing how quickly the heat can blanket any cold feelings; only just 2 days ago we were all shivering in the chills of cloud-filled skies and powerful winds.

But along with the increasing temperature came some climbing altitudes. It seems that all the procrastinatingly flat roads thus far had just left our legs to ride out the breaking waves of landscape. Up & down, up & down, up & down we ran through the continually climbing passes on an ever thinning shoulder, shrinking towards the road’s edge as some aggressive truck drivers raced us. However, the winding passes allowed us the upper hand as we were often able to beat the racing trucks both up and down the mountain passes!



4 Responses to “up & down…up & down”

  1. Dear Reuben and Erin,
    This week (or next) we will be highlighting your amazing progress at the Place Community via the power of Google maps, and the zoom control. You are doing an amazing thing for a great cause (scrub that – let’s just say ‘ great kids’), and the ways in which you too will be changed by the experience are going to be unbelievable too. Keep going through the tough times, but also enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience that this will be.

  2. Is it necessary to now be racing trucks too? You guys don’t think you’re doing enough as is I guess?

  3. Don Lovell Says:

    A truly amazing thing happened on Sunday, June 22nd, VCRC members had gathered at Beaver Lake for the Baptism of Josh, Courtenay and Brendan when along the running trail came a runner in the Elk Lake 1/2 Iron Man wearing a See-Them-Run singlet. It was Anna’s Doctor! The 70 of us erupted with cheers and applause as we encouraged her along on her last lap of the 20 KM run event with shouts of “Go See Them Run!”. The baptism was a wonderful event and combined with our thoughts of the See-Them-Run team a perfect day!

  4. Jenny Fitterer Says:

    If you beat to truck drivers, you should get them to sponsor you.

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