Syd…the man behind the lens

Drew…the daily details and logistics

Anna…the hands of healing

David…the driver, the guide, and the camp chef

and of course…the tag-alongs

20 Responses to “indispensible…”

  1. Awesome photos! So nice to see the whole team. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Guys!

    Wow!! You guys are doing awesome! It is inspiring to check up on you and watch your progress. I wish I was there with you…an experience of a life-time!
    We all miss you back at home and send our love.
    I would love to see some more photos……Drew….

    take care,


  3. You guys are looking HOT!
    Way to go team:)
    ps Erin, there is rumour of a girls night happening this Friday. We are going to miss you. i am fairly certain that we will still dedicate a significant portion of the evening to praying for you though…love ya.

  4. Syd we are very proud of you and hope you show everyone your talents. How is the editing going, and are you going to be able to send out some clips with someone. Are those the same pants that appeared in that one photo of you over looking the plains? What kind of food is Dave cooking up for you folks,have you tried snake or those adorable hippos. And be sure to thank Drew for getting unzipped in the morning to give you the phone. Remember you have all all our hopes and prayers . Did every one like the music or was it just a little too eclectic? I almost feel like meeting you on the east coast. We’ll call you this evening (morning). Dad

  5. Melinda Curless Says:

    I’ve just had the time to check in with your blog and love the videos and pictures! I am keeping my couch warm for all of you – so while you run the couches of the world aren’t neglected!! I am fascinated with your journies and the small bits you are experiencing. It’s so easy to think that our “cocoon” is the norm – thanks for bringing the world to us. I’m reading the entry from Gramma Lee and wondering about the menus that are suggested. I’d love to hear more about the cooking process. God bless – Drew’s Anut in MO πŸ™‚

  6. Nick and Nancy Says:

    Nice to see pictures of Syd, Drew, Anna and David. You all have such huge daily duties to perform. What great team work!

    Keep up the good running Erin, Rueben and Patrick.
    Looking good!

  7. Looking good Syd! Keep up the good works folks!

  8. Ellen S Says:

    You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work.
    We are thinking of you …. in White Rock BC

  9. Susan Beiderwieden Says:

    Wow what great shots Syd!
    Thanks for a peek of life behind the scenes and seeing more of the same would be ever greater, if such a concept is possible.
    We just got back from beautiful BC and saw elk, a female moose, xxxx deer(s), and 2 BIG shiney, healthy, fat black bears; all along the # 1 highway. Also saw lots of peolpe cycling across Canada, but no runners. What wimps, eh?


  10. Seeing photos of Syd with his toque still makes me laugh..

  11. Scott McKay Says:

    Great photos of you all. You make a fine team. Us oldsters really can’t imagine the physical strain you must continually endure.
    Sat 21 I attended the memorial service for HΓ©lΓ¨ne Hayek (Miss Garraway) who passed away from cancer. The service was truly a testimony to a life well lived and centred on Jesus. Her husband is a painter and her 4yr old was heard to say, “Mommy is in heaven-she is helping God make rainbows.” Out of the mouth of babes…
    Bon courage tout le monde…

  12. Frank Slabbert Says:

    You are all looking remarkably good when one considers what you have achieved to date. Keep up the good running and we are thinking of you all at Swakop Striders, Swakopmund, Namibia. Please give us regular reports as to where you are on the route.

    Kind regards

  13. Selena Donker Says:

    Awesome photos & video clips!! Great job guys, keep up the hard work. Yes, i am proud of my younger brother πŸ™‚

  14. Katie Horton Says:

    you guys are all looking so brown and tanned! i’m sure those tan lines are looking particularly hot. πŸ™‚ love the pictures and thinking of you all often.

  15. chris wille Says:

    Hey dynamic duo (and support team) way to go!
    I am Chris Wille from Victoria BC. My daughter. Sara, went to PCS when you were there. My son Stephen is in grade 12 there (special needs class), and my daughter Kate (age 9) also attends PCS.
    I had the pleasure of sharing the front cover of the Times Colonist with you guys on Jan 1st. They wroue an article about your run across africa, and about my Bike ride across Africa. I’m back home after completing the 2008 tour d’afrique, an 11,000km bike ride/race from Cairo to Cape town.
    My ride went very well. Every day was a new adventure. I came in 3rd overall in the race. I admire you guys and wish I was back in Africa!

  16. Laura Struch Says:

    Way to go you guys!

    Thank you for the photos… you are looking very STRONG.

    Keep putting one foot in front of the other… YOU CAN DO IT πŸ™‚

    Wishing you all the best,


  17. On the subject of the toque…

    I’ve been wearing one this summer too! Big grey wool one that keeps my hair out of my face. People think I’m crazy, but they just don’t know!

    Wool breaths!

  18. Hey, you all! I look at your photos, and I have to borrow my brother Drew’s saying: “I’m a lookin’, and I’m a likin’!” So much character in those faces and in those legs–and in those hearts. We’re supporting you at every turn: still hunting bottles, collecting car wash money, and counting up the profit from the play. Total soon! The other day your dad and mom sold your See-Them-Run t-shirts at the staff luncheon, and they went like hotcakes; we didn’t even get across the room before they were gone! Know the support is big here, even on those lonely, what-am-I-doing-here days. We SEE you as you RUN! Love and ballistic cheering, John and Jen Stew

  19. Isaac Neubert Says:

    Good job guys… what your doing is amazing! Keep on trucking… all the aches and pains will be soooooooooooo worth it in the end!!


    PS. I can’t wait to watch the movie…

  20. Jon Lambert Says:

    Hey Anna and Drew!

    I finally got time to check out the progress, looks great! You guys are awesome. Drew, you look like such an engineer in the picture. I’m sending you a short email too but thought I would comment on here as well. Take care!

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