the bright lights of Lusaka

This week brought us into the capital of Zambia. The city streets offered nice distractions when compared to the rural highways and farmlands we have come accustomed to. While the busy streets and perilous round-abouts were daunting to run through the city offered luxuries that we’ve missed over the past couple months. We were able to enjoy the cinema, in a strip-mall no doubt, and watch Indiana Jones on our rest day. Patrick rated good old Indi as a 6.5. Reuben gave it a high 8. Erin (with no previous exposure to Indiana Jones) gave it a 7. An entertaining way to spend the rest day nonetheless!

After the movie we proceeded to buy out Super Spar’s stock of chocolate bars (although we like to call them energy bars!) Snickers was the highlight although the ‘New Look’ bar (creamy caramel, chewy nougat and nuts smothered in delicious milk chocolate) came a close second. Especially considering the recent atrocious photo of us runners posted on the blog- apparently we are all in desperate need of a ‘New Look!’

The week also involved a change in running schedule. Instead of five 45km, runs per week, we are now running five days of 35km, and one day of 45km. We’ll keep you posted on how that goes for us!

Erin, Patrick and Reuben


6 Responses to “the bright lights of Lusaka”

  1. We agree Reuben; Julian and I also gave Indiana a high 8 if not more! We finally saw it last night and were thoroughly entertained! Almost makes running day in and day out seem a breeze in comparison….? Enjoy the shorter runs, the chocolate bars, and the Thursday rest days – we are all rooting for you! Hi to the whole team!
    love, mom

  2. Jessica Van Doesburg Says:

    I haven’t seen Indiana Jones yet but I’ve heard it’s really good. Though I have to say that I think that snickers wouldn’t be my best choice of chocolate bar. Enjoy the runs and say high to everybody else.

  3. christina hofmann Says:

    wait.. so are you now running 6 days a week, or did i just read that wrong.. im starting to think you guys might be crazy… i like it.. still prayin folks… keep eating chocolate and runnin…

  4. Erin! Its been so good to be close to a computer lately so I can finally read your guys’ updates. Amazing, what you’re doing. Its really late, so Ill write more in an email, but the whole family says hi. We’re all thinking of you, and praying like nobodys business. Oh, and I should warn you that if I win the lottery within the next two months…hellooo Tanzania. Im very much looking forward to catch-up sessions, my friend – way too much to talk to you about, I miss you! Anyways, take care, eat some chocolate for me (good call on the Snickers bar by the way…do you remember the “Time Out”s of Maralal?…), and beware of ringworm…

  5. Auntie Lynn Says:

    Hey Anna and Drew – just read up to date. You guys are amazing! Uncle Bob wishes he were there. Just wanted you to know we’re thinking of you. Lots of love…..

  6. Jenny Fitterer Says:

    You guys are FABULOUS!! All of us at Pacific Christian School are praying for you and collecting bottles for kilometres,, especially the unstopable Mrs. Stewart. Good Luck

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