ear plugs and Zambian hospitality…

This past week we have relied on Zambian hospitality to get us through. We have camped on various farms and have been exposed to much cattle, wheat, tomatoes and tobacco over the past few days.
The nights are getting cooler and the roads steeper as we progress further north and gain elevation. Tonight we’re camped out on what we hoped would be a quiet corner in behind the school grounds when in truth there are 15 disco shacks across the street and classes seem to still be in session at 7:00 tonight.
Bring out the ear plugs…….
Erin & Patrick

5 Responses to “ear plugs and Zambian hospitality…”

  1. Isaac Neubert Says:


    think not as just being another day that you must run…

    think of the first time that you ever run a marathon…

    think of that joy you felt when you crossed that finish line for the very first time…

    think of how much you enjoy running

    think of how blessed you are to be healthy vibrant individuals

    think of how many people’s lives that every step you take impacts and empowers

    think of hope…

    think of love…

    think of family…

    think of friends…

    think of crossing that finish line…


  2. Jessica Van Doesburg Says:

    Looks like it is starting to get pretty tough. Just remember, one step at a time. Wishing you all lotsa luck

  3. Nick and Nancy Says:

    You guys are doing great! You’re half way thru the second country – if not further.

    Keep it up, you can do it!!!

  4. Nicole Worsfold Says:

    I don’t think I can say it better than anyone else has already, but look how far you’ve come already! We’re praying for you to keep safe and to have the endurance to carry you through to the end. God bless!

  5. Natalie Randall Says:

    What you guys are not out dancing it up at the disco? I’m surprised?! So happy to hear that you had some city time and some chocolate bar stock ups. Great to see the pictures of the entire team…. I’m thinking about you guys every day and sending good karma your way. I know it has been said a billion times by everyone, but we are all extremely proud of all of you for what you are doing. Not only for the amazing athletic accomplishment and drive it takes to get up every day and run again, but proud that you care enough to do all this for all the wonderful children that the money you raise will effect. Get ur done. Love Natalie from the East Coast… and missing being there big time.

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