Canada Day and woolly blankets

One of the most frequent questions we were asked before we left: “How are you going to deal with the temperature change?” Ironically though, these tough Canadian skins have little more to complain about than the cold! We’ve all frantically been purchasing new blankets and retiring to bed in three layers of clothes, sleeping bags, duvets and woolly blankets. All to protect ourselves against the frigid night air and frost that has been laceing itself across our tent flys. (We have even been starting our runs in full length tights and long-sleeved jackets!)
Despite the chilly temps, we’ve had an exciting few days: we upheld our patriotism on July 1st, wishing locals a ‘Happy Canada Day!’ and flying our Canadian flag from the vehicle window, we’ve only 1 chapter left in LOTR, and today Janice Mason, one of our team doctors from back home will be joining our camp!
Thanks for all the support…….

3 Responses to “Canada Day and woolly blankets”

  1. charmaine lovell Says:

    Hi s-t-r gang. You sound like your spirits are good and the energy still continues. Way to go. We are keeping up with all the blog notes and continue to pray daily for the team. Keep up the great work! Somehow I find it hard to think of frost and chilly weather and Africa in the same thought. Dress warmly for those early morning runs. God bless.

  2. Daniel McDougall Says:

    Hi, dear Reuben and dear Erin! (and of course your strategic support team)
    First, I hope that the cold-then-hot-then-cold-again regimen of your days isn’t confusing your muscles and joints into extra weariness (I’ll be especially praying for suppleness and flexibility over a gruelling temperature gradient.
    Second, please know that I honour your diligence and sheer grit over the dusty kilometres, NOT for your own glory but for the benefit of our African brothers and sisters. (Having said that, I hope you’re already anticipating a resounding celebration upon your return home here in Victoria!)
    Third, what WILL you read when LOTR finds its ending? Almost anything else of less-than-epic proportions pales in the face of your trek across the continent! Of course, there IS War and Peace (if you can master the never-ending litany of Russian names), Don Quixote (if you can stand the aura of futility, albeit with centuries-old staying power), or simply your recollections of Gilligan’s Island (if you can set aside the prospect of a ‘Professor’ who can concoct a transceiver out of a coconut but can’t devise a way off their tropical island).
    Missing you both and looking forward to hearing about your sojourn. In the meantime, God’s journey mercies to you,

  3. Hello, hello!
    So the crazy adventures continue…Glad to hear you guys are doing well, even if you are freezing cold (who would have thought?). i am going to cast my vote on your next ‘great novel’ reading with the Chronicles of Narnia…One can NEVER go wrong with Tolkien or Lewis, although I do not think it will take that long for you all to plow through…
    You will all be happy to know that I did some advertising for you while working up at Camp Imadene last week. Reuben, apparently your Dad was selling S-T-R t-shirts at PCS so my Mum bought me one. Whenever I wore it, people asked questions and I was able to tell them about the crazy, amazing people I know who were running across Africa:)
    So I hope you all have a fantastic day, you are missed…

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