The beat goes on

Northern Zambia is proving to be more challenging as there are fewer campsites, shops and gas stations along our route. School grounds have now become our campgrounds and have provided us with an inside picture of the Zambian education system and offered insight on how our fundraised money can be effectively used.
Thursday brought the company of Dr. Janice Mason and her daughter Ernette who have joined the team for two weeks. We are very glad to have both of these superstars helping us out and they have already proven to be extremely supportive on the bike, running, and in the massage tent.
On the whole, the running is going well, our bodies are well taken care of (a little stinky as showers are at an all time low) we are tired but we are getting it done. Thanks for always reading up on us.
By the end of today’s run we will be about 80km south west of Mpika.

3 Responses to “The beat goes on”

  1. Graydon and Lori Says:

    Hi Runners and Team’
    Our hearts are with you as you continue your courageous a d inspiring adventure.
    We are back in Canada after a holiday in Europe and will be back in Victoria tomorrow.Jaclyn has been house-sitting for us which we greatly appreciate and has kindly offered to pick us up at the airport. We are really looking forward to catching up with her.
    Again (like many others, I’m sure) we are in awe of, and inspired by, your fine example of lives well-lived. BRAVO!
    Love, Graydon and Lori

  2. Hi Everyone!
    It is starting to feel like summer here in Victoria…Erin, saw your parents on Sunday at CCC and they are sooo excited to meet up with you guys.
    That last posted video had me in tears and on my knees.
    Sending you all big hugs and showering you all in prayer…” I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” Phil 4:13.
    Tina Pierik & family

  3. Susan Beiderwieden Says:

    Sid, you are doing incredible work. The videos are beautiful, thoughtful and capture behind the scene dramas, struggles, and routines.

    Want to let you know that several of my relatives send greetings to the whole taem. Drew’s cousin in Colorado and aunti in St. Louis check the blog daily to follow your progress. They want to send greetings and prayers of encouragment so you are all well, safe and strong enought to finish this grand adventure.
    Susan B

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