chasing chickens and working for our food

After 10 days of bucket-baths, we arrived in Mpika, happy to find a campsite with a shower! It’s even warm! We have spent the last few weeks both smelly and salty-although we did manage to bathe in a river a couple of times (5 feet away from the top of a 100 metre waterfall, in water that would undoubtedly rival arctic temperatures). Fifteen seconds was the average bath time.

The hills keep coming. There have been several runs in which we find ourselves running uphill for three hours. Thankfully, Janice is still here and is helping out with extra long massages and fresh conversations.

Rural Zambia is making nutrition an adventure. Yesterday we slaughtered 2 chickens for our dinner which was both a thrilling and rather messy endeavour. Great stew, though!



4 Responses to “chasing chickens and working for our food”

  1. Nick and Nancy Says:

    Slaughtering chickens for your supper makes me think of the time when we were kids. Being raised on a chicken farm the odd chicken would escape from the barn if the catchers dropped one or if one flew out of the window. The next morning dad would cut off their heads first, (don’t know why but always did) and we would watch in awe as the chickens did their final dance. We even plucked off their feathers etc. etc. Pretty gross eh!
    Ironically it’s still one of my favourite meats to eat.

    Keep up the good spirits you guys!

  2. Erin…stories of chickens remind me of a certain photo I have. Perhaps you recall:
    A proud and gallant young man stands in the back of a green pick-up, holding a live chicken by the legs as the truck careens down a back Maralal road at remarkable speeds. Hair blowing in the wind, orange tank-top glistening in the afternoon sun. What a beauty.
    Too bad we all got pooped on…

    Been checking the site and praying for you all everyday. Its incredible what you are doing. Cant wait to see you at the end of the summer.

  3. Don and Charmaine Lovell Says:

    Somewhat random thought but as July is the month I usually start to get some running done in preparation for the Victoria marathon..any plans from the See-Them-Run Team for the October Marathon? It’s a long ways away but hey it could be a neat run with a bunch of See-Them-Run t-Shirts!
    Other news Josh was Baptised in Beaver Lake on Sunday June 22nd alomg with two others. It was a wonderful time.

  4. Syd should have been a bit of a help with the chicken’s after his adventures in Mexico, at the age of six. Our neighbors in San Blais raised chickens for market, so Syd and his brother were responsible for catching and other various chores. Lots of love from Dad & Gram Lee.

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