hot water again

The sun sets, the sun rises, and we run again. We are now about 10 days from the Tanzanian border, and are camping at some hot springs. It’s unreal looking back on all the different kinds of living arrangements our team has had over the past 3 1/2 months. For now we are happy to have hot water to bathe in, and to rest our weary bodies in!
Janice and her daughter have left us now – we really appreciated their presence and their help over their visit with us.
Tomorrow (Monday – July 14) we understand the Globe and Mail will be publishing an article about See Them Run – pick one up and check it out!
-Reuben & Erin

8 Responses to “hot water again”

  1. Frank Slabbert Says:

    You have done wonderfulyl well. Keep up the spirits. It is not all that far now when one looks at the distance covered to date.

    Hoping to see you all next time you are in Namibia.

    Best wishes for a safe remainder of your grand run.

  2. Charmaine, Don and gang Says:

    Ah…the joys of warm water and how we take it for granted. Glad to hear that you are a little less smelly and feeling better (cleaner). You are doing such a great job and we are all keeping up with your progress. Keep up the great work. This has been such an incredible adventure and it is so great to be able to read about your experiences and thoughts. Way to go all of you.

  3. Ola to my favourite group of crazy marathon runners! I love checking the blog and getting the updates.
    You guys are doing great!


  4. Melinda Curless Says:

    Dear team, I am back at Elementary school and keeping up with your progress. I am so impressed with your perseverence and success in fulfilling your dream. I would love to find ways to utilize your experiences to enrich our curricula. Some ideas are pictures of landforms for 2nd grade, habitats for several levels, mystery quest for map skills, cultural awareness — so many small parts that would be interesting for our students. I’ve also spoken with our Physical Education teacher who was a track coack about your endeavor. I’ll keep in touch!

  5. Greetings to everyone from Brandenburg – Ernette is safely home, after more than 60 hours of travel!! We got to know Frankfurt airport rather well – what a costly place to hang out, but we thoroughly enjoyed our 8.6 Euros Hagen Das Ice Cream (that is pushing $15 Canadian!) Life seems rather quiet after the challenges of Africa – rowing travel isn’t quite so challenging, though the food is not nearly as good as David’s!, and the towels are rather small, and it is raining…

    It was extremely insightful to have the chance to travel with you – running, cycling and camping for a few days. It is hard to put into words the impressions of your extreme dedication and willpower for getting up every morning at 5-5:30AM from your sleeping bags; gulping down a quick breakfast before the sun is even up; and then embarking on 4.5 – 5 hours of running. We were honoured to be allowed into your team and help support your journeys. Don’t forget to keep us posted on the fluid/calorie competition! And make the most of your days off – doing nothing other than resting and refueling.

    love to all, Janice & Ernette

  6. Scott McKay Says:

    What you are doing on a daily basis is incredible!!!! We non-runners have no idea how grueling your everyday runs are. I am relieved to hear that Erin is ok. Please do take care as you fulfil your noble commitment. Bless you guys.Scott PS Love reading all your frequent Blogs!!!! ( Are you gonna write a book when you ‘re done???)

  7. your biggest Fan Says:

    Wit Wooo
    keep it going!

  8. Patrick & Anita Stel & kids Says:

    Hi everyone,
    We will pray for your strength today!

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