one month to go

 At first we thought it kind of strange that Zambian children appeared to be completely frightened of us white folk. In the northern provinces, the children take one look at us, stare wide-eyed with terror, and then proceed to sprint into their grass huts for safety. We had one small girl yesterday scream at the sight of us, cover her ears and run sobbing into her laughing mother’s arms – and she would not let up until we were out of sight.

But as much as we thought this to be rather particular, we decided if a van full of jet-black Africans, in full spandex suits, drove up to our neighbourhood at home and started sprinting down our streets, we would probably react similarly.
Today, being the 19th, means we officially have one month to go. If all goes well we should be finished on the 19th of August, a date we are all clinging to at this point! We currently are 1 or 2 days from the Tanzanian border – depending on which of the various km signage turns out to be correct. Although the end is getting nearer, some days it seems we may never get there – keep thinking of us!

7 Responses to “one month to go”

  1. Wow, that’s incredible that it is only one month till you are done! Way to go! You have done a miraculous job thus far and I will pray that the next month flies by with no injuries…

  2. John and Jen Stewart Says:

    KEEP thinking of you?! We haven’t stopped! We are praying for you, cheering for you in our minds and hearts, and hoping you know how much we love you…SO PROUD OF YOU! We think of you every time we run, still picking up any wayward bottle or can; we’ll be known as the “recycling runners who can”–HA! Well, we just had A LOT of fun sponsoring a bunch of km’s for you on behalf of all the hard work of the students and staff at Pacific Christian. We are proud to call you alumni!
    Keep going, one foot in front of the other, and remember, “Water wears away stone.” Flow, trickle, gush, drip–just get there, one “droplet” and step at a time! Can’t wait to see you ALL! P.S. The African children may have run because of how you SMELL. Something to consider…!

  3. Lisa Powell Says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize you guys are that close to being finished! Keep it up, you’re almost there…

  4. Adam Scheuer Says:

    That’s just amazing! Way to go guys. You’ve definitely got people thinking of you often. I check your blog everyday (sometimes a few times a day if there hasn’t been an update for awhile) to see how you’re making out. Keep up the great work!!!!

  5. One month to go!! Unbelivable!! We are cheering you on from your hometown! Trustingyou to HIS care.
    Lots of love to you all,
    Tina, Ed Pierik and family

  6. Charmaine, Don and gang Says:

    The end is in sight….WOW! You are all just amazing. We are still praying every day for the team and will continue until you get back home. Keep up the great footwork and supportwork. God Bless!

  7. christina hofmann Says:

    IM thinking of you guys… thats forsure.. im thinking your all crazy.. and i love it. Running with recless abanden…. way to give ‘er guys… im so proud of all of you.. You amaze me every time i think of you guys.. and i cant express how stoked i was to read that you only have one month left… crazy canadians… praying till the end…

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