a day at school


5 Responses to “a day at school”

  1. Great video! I actually teared up (which is shocking:), mainly I think because it is so awesome to see you encountering why you are running and where the money raised will actually be helping…You guys are doing such a fantastic job! Proud of you all and am praying…
    Love and Peace,

  2. To the entire team: Thank you for the updates. I check your website everyday. You are all doing an amazing job. Please continue to take care of each other. Thank you also for the video footage. The images and your voices are so very meaningful. I will continue to See You Run – love and prayers are being sent your way. Lara

  3. Marieke & Nathaniel Says:

    Hi Reuben and team,

    In the last months we’ve regularly checked your site and we are amazed with how far you’ve come! And the end seems so near already!
    We wish you all the best for the weeks ahead and trust that you will make it!

    Groetjes from Holland,
    Marieke & Nathaniel

    ps. Some fun news: In a year from now the wedding bells will be ringing for us… Hope to see you there!

  4. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    Great footage of the education standard in Africa. Sounds like the financial assistance would definitely be benifical in all aspects of education.

    You really get to know what’s so essential when you are right at the source. Staying at schools and speaking with the teachers gives you a great insight in their education requirements.

    Congratulations to everyone arriving in Tanzania, the last country!
    Keep up the great work you guys!

    Nick and Nancy

  5. It was so great to see your mugs anna and drew (not that i don’t love everybody else’s mugs). I miss you two. Sue had a baby girl two weeks ago – it was the most amazing experience. My love to all of you (even those who i don’t know – since you are with two of the best people ever). Keep up the fabulous work….i am in awe.

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