let the countdown begin…

August 1st was a welcome day in camp for a couple of reasons:
1) in less than a month we’ll be home!
2) my parents have arrived!! WhooHoo! Baggage and all they arrived yesterday and we were so glad to see them: we welcomed them with much enthusiasm, hearty hugs and a few happy tears from us daughters!

This week has tickled our tastebuds for Canada’s terrain as we found ourselves running through forests of pine trees. We even got a little taste of rain! In two days we drop from our 2000m elevation just past Iringa and leave the hills behind. Let the count down begin!!

Erin & Patrick


5 Responses to “let the countdown begin…”

  1. Mike Pater Says:

    You guys are doing a great job. It’s good to see the videos. My mom showed me the website so I will now be follow it more closely. Good luck at hope to see you all soon!

  2. Hi!
    So glad your parents have arrived safely with all luggage in tow! Our family continues to lift you up in prayer as the countdown to the end begins! We are so inspired by you and we share in the excitement you are feeling as you near the end of this amazing journey.
    Lots of love to you all,
    Tina, Ed Pierik & family

  3. Daniel McDougall Says:

    Let the countdown begin indeed! We are SO looking forward to seeing you back here in Victoria and will be delighted to hear your stories. Just think: soon you’ll be able to smell the ocean ahead of you on your trek across Tanzania and not too long after, the scent of your OWN ocean back home.
    Journey blessings, with fondest greetings to the crew and your family,
    Daniel (for all us McDougalls)

  4. Gerry & Carolyn Thompson Says:

    Ahhh….you are on the home stretch now! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. What a fabulous adventure for a great cause. Greetings to all and Patrick a hug and kiss for you! Love Aunt Carolyn and the family.

  5. Selena Donker Says:

    Hi Patrick & Erin (& Reuben): Awe the final stages!! I am still thinking about you guys & hoping that you are staying healthy, happy & strong! What a great experience. I am back in Oz now, but when I took a jog (for me it was a run) in Laos, i did close my eyes & imagine myself running along side you guys. Bulls were lingering towards me on the dirt roads, wild dogs running around, country-scenery & the cute local children were also “hi-fiving” me & running along side of me. I imagined it as nothing compared to your experience, but it did make me think about your runs in Africa! Best of luck with the final stages! xx Selena

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