if you teach a man to fish…


7 Responses to “if you teach a man to fish…”

  1. Jeff Hoogendoorn Says:

    To quote a very great man, Stephen Lewis, who has lent his voice and talents to the cause in Africa: “The world desperately needs your voices.” Thank you to each one of you on the See-Them-Run team for your voices.

    Jeff Hoogendoorn
    Victoria, BC

  2. Sue Calder Says:

    Hi Guys

    It is good to know that you are all doing well. The end is in sight and a swim in the sea.
    We think of you guys and wonder just how far you are. We have been a little busy and so I have not taken the time to check on you. Tell David he is welcome to stop in here on his way back we will offer him a warm shower , bed & supper. Take care of yourselves we so much enjoyed your stay here
    Sue Calder and Family

  3. Jess Lougeay-Benson Says:

    I love the ingenuity of the whole trip, especially this video. Rigging a fishing pole, starting a fire with a rock and wood….it’s awesome. I have loved following the journey you guys are one. I can’t wait until we can get up there and hear about it in person.

  4. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    Way to go guys! Can’t believe you are so near completion. You don’t have to count down anymore.

    Nice video of the wild life, a day at the mkt., and fishing for your dinner. Nice fish Patrick. Neat the way you both started the fire. Real pioneers.

    You all will be so ready to celebrate with some time off before you head back home again. Enjoy!

    Nick and Nancy

  5. Nicole Worsfold Says:

    Nice Fish Patrick! It’s a lot bigger than any of the fish that I’ve seen come home from Ryan’s fishing trips this year! Beautiful video and music, it made me feel like I was there with you. Our hearts are with you as you begin the final ten!

    Ryan, Nicole, Sabine and Liam

  6. Gordon Head/ Oak Bay health team in Victoria Says:

    Hello there – wow, you guys are almost there!!! So happy you are all well and have extra family there to support you on your last leg! Many blessings to all of you and congratulations on such a good job well done. There will be many smiles on Victorian and other faces when you complete your journey!

  7. Ount Annie Says:

    Dear Famely
    Its great wat your are doing in Afrca!
    I am proud of you all!!!
    Love Tante Annie Holland

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