sharing our food

We had a rare but well chosen treat today by finishing our run sooner than usual; running to the head of the gorge (a 15 km. long descent) we opted to save our legs and postpone the hill until the beginning of tomorrow’s run. Not to mention the gale force winds that funneled through the mountain valley against us, and the dismally grey skies above us. It seems that the weather lately has been preparing us for our return to a September in Victoria.

However, team morale  couldn’t be better as the completion of tomorrow’s run will bring us into the 10-run countdown! Along with diminishing runs our truck is also slowly emptying as the shoe bag, the post-run replacement milkshakes, and our supply of bars and gu’s are finally being eaten/used up! Although it’s not just us doing the eating ..,,. today we found a rat in our veggie cooler – gross!!

– Reuben


10 Responses to “sharing our food”

  1. Hello all!
    Congrats! You’re so close now. I’m glad there weren’t any rats when we were there, I don’t do so well with rodents and such. Sounds like a really tough hill, no tripping on the way down! I hope the weather is really nice for your stay in Dar Esalaam, I look forward to seeing you when you get back to Victoria!

  2. Auntie Ali Says:

    Hi Reuben
    I’ve tried to send you a comment before but have not been successful. However, I have your Dad on the phone and he is walking me through the process as we speak. What an unbelievable achievement to date. Best of all luck ’til completion.
    Love Auntie Ali

  3. Jan en Marijke de Bruin Says:

    hello everybody

    The last leads weigh it most heavily! Yet a few weeks maintain. The fantastic experiences, next to the deprivations always a tremendous memory will remain. Yet whole many success.


    Jan en Marijke

  4. Nik Southwell Says:

    Wow! Im sure youve heard it a thousand times by now, but really
    “Great Job”. I know what pushing the body beyond what is normal is like and i respect what you two are doing not only for the cause but for the running community.


  5. Hello Everyone!

    Wow! Keep strong for the last 10 runs. We are all cheering you on! We miss you guys and cannot wait to see you back in Victoria 🙂

    Devin and Sarah

  6. Susan Beiderwieden Says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I think all parents and family here in Canada are counting the days until you return. Not long now, and what a celebration we’ll have that day.

    To highlight and draw attention to the final days of a great feat (or should I say, feet?) I’m sending in a request for some music to CBC Radio 2, FM, for the 9-12 program called “Heres to You”. In my email, I’ll tell them about the countdown and ask for a peice of music from a fantastic classical jazz album, “African Suite” by Abdullah Ibramhim. Last time the I did this I told them about the adventure, mentioned your web site and requested “Chairots of Fire” . The host appeared impressed by your story and gave it about 5 minutes national air time. Free!
    I will let you know more when it happens which I plan for this week…. so stay tuned everyone out there in vacumland.
    Hugs to all

  7. Oma and Opa Jentink Says:

    Lieve Reuben , Erin, and all team members.

    Amazing: How close you are to the point where you can say ” We’ve done it”. We would love to be present at the finish line, but we will have to let papa Erick hug you for us. We are happy that he can be there.
    We long for the day to welcome you back home.
    It will be tough , for each one to go on his/her separate way. but your achievements will last a lifetime.
    We thank God for His sustaining care.
    We Love you . Oma and Opa Jentink.

  8. Daniel McDougall Says:

    C’mon Reuben, a mere RAT in your veggies?! Perhaps you need one of my recipes for ‘rat a l’orange’ or ‘RAT-a-touille’ or ‘Cooler Rat for the Coolest Runners on Earth’ or simply the pancake version: ‘Rat Splat’!
    Hairballs aside, we McDougalls continue to follow your progress, wish we could be with you both as you complete your trek, and bathe you with prayer and our fondest blessings as Dar es Salaam draws closer.
    Cheers and foot massages to you both,

  9. hey team! wow, the 10 run countdown already!!! so crazy!! you guys are awesome and amazing and i have loved being a part of your journey by reading the blog. hang in there, you are almost done!! i look forward to seeing you all back in victoria. continue to have fun! prayers.

  10. Becky Horton Says:

    You guys were in the times colonist! I don’t know if you knew probably did..but all summer I’ve been reading the paper at work and have been frustrated with the fact that you weren’t in there. so finally you were..but i wasn’t working that day and didn’t actually read it. but! my co-workers told m about it. So there you go.
    anyway…good luck on the final stretch..i’m thinking about you and praying for you.
    and erin it will be so great to see you again. can’t wait!!!

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