Thank you all for the congratulations and support!! After finishing the run on Monday, we have enjoyed the luxury of idleness. Sand castles, napping, beach volleyball and snorkelling have been the theme for the past couple of days. The rest has been so refreshing, and although we are getting frighteningly tight now that the running has ended, relaxation is at an all time high!

A big thank you to our sponsors who not only provided the financial means for this trip, but also believed this run to be possible from the beginning, and in doing so drove us to keep running. To Lundin for Africa, Haywood Investments, The Radcliffe Foundation- we couldn’t have done it with out you! A big thank you to Arthur’s Smoothies- we’ve been dreaming about your juice since April! Thank you to Chaco who made taking the running shoes off such a joyous daily occasion- Your flips are amazing. And thank you to all the supportive staff at Frontrunners, Level Ground Trading, Usana and Smartshield.

See you all soon…


4 Responses to “Zanzibar”

  1. tante Ellen Says:

    Hi Reuben, Erin & Patrick

    gefeliciteerd met deze grote overwinning!. Ik ben heel trots op julllie. I think it’s a big achievement. WOW. we follow you guys by the website and the great videos’ and heard the story of jumping in the ocean from Erick. Hope you have a great vacation on Zanzibar. veel liefs en een dikke kus. Ellen

  2. Frank Slabbert Says:

    I won’t be in the group to welcome you home but have one extra cold drink and think of us here in Africa.

    Wonderful effort and my congratulations to the entire team – runners and support staff alike!

    Way to go!


  3. Sounds like loads of fun! I wish I could enjoy it with you, but I had to leave after only 10 days, not much at all. I guess everyone is napping now as much as Syd does, something that you all deserve greatly!!

    Can’t wait to see you!


  4. Ali Tiemstra Says:

    Reuben, Erin and everyone on the Team Congrats on your completion of a dream run into reality! With God’s protection you have been able to accomplish an amazing feat. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the gospel of peace”. Take a GOOD look at those beautiful feet of yours, take a picture even, to remind yourselves that you all had a higher purpose not for yourselves, but for the good of the children of Africa, and God will honor your intentions. You have had an amazing blessing in David your driver, who also sacrificed these months away from his family to be your support. Enjoy this time of rest as you prepare for the change of coming home and the next challenge. Love and best wishes from the
    Tiemstra’s in Edmonton.

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