…the end in Tanzania…


3 Responses to “…the end in Tanzania…”

  1. seethemrun Says:

    Hey everyone. So I just want to thank the team for having me be part of this adventure. It was a truly amazing time, and I can’t put into words how truly thankful I am.

    To the runners…I can’t believe you pulled this off! Ya, there were times I had my doubts, but you proved them wrong very fast. You three are truly inspiring people, and i look forward to showing the world this in the documentary.

    Anna and Drew…Thanks for keeping me healthy, and supplying me with the best facebook profile pictures EVER!

    David. I really miss your buns already.

    The parents and other people who came over to support us…Thanks for helping keeping us sane! And for being good about having my camera in your face.

    Once again, thank you.

    Syd Woodward

  2. Nick and Nancy Donker Says:

    Congratulations see-you-run family! What an accomplishment to you all. You sure proved to yourselves that you can do what you set your mind up to do.

    Loved watching the video of Erin carrying the Canadian flag, you all running through the banner and jumping into the ocean, with the champagne spraying and the driver’s/chef/mentor speech. Made us choked up.

    What an amazing journey you have all accomplished.

  3. john and Marcia Kostelyk Says:

    Wow What an adventure. We loved the videos.

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