Why Africa? There are two reasons…

1) To fundraise and support sustainable educational projects in Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania — the three countries SEE-THEM-RUN will go through. This continent’s downward cycle of poverty, famine and disease has wreaked havoc on all facets of society. However, the benefit of education can help future African generations. All donations for SEE-THEM-RUN will be collected in partnership with Athletes for Africa.

At the conclusion of the campaign, with the support of Athletes for Africa, proposals will then be accepted, with the funds subsequently being distributed to locally led organizations in Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania that empower youth through education.

2) To simply show people that it can be done.

Sure, there are areas of Africa that are unsafe to travel, but every major urban center in the developed world has ‘no go’ zones.

SEE-THEM-RUN will demonstrate that Africa too is a place where real people live real lives, and where, if you want to go for a 4,200km jog, you are more than welcomed to.

About the Lions: Don’t worry about them, they are further north.

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